Happy List #31

Saturday 29th October
  1. Josh's grandparents came to visit for the weekend so we did all the usual stuff that we do when people visit us for the first time. We looked around the cathedral ruins, went in the new cathedral and went around the transport museum. Actually we saw some bits of the new cathedral that we've never seen before plus we went in the little cafe and I had the nicest caramel shortbread ever!
  2. Went to the nice Indian again that we went to last week with my Mum and Stepdad. It's so lovely there
  3. Managed to get Josh a christmas present that I've been trying to get for weeks

Little outfit post for you all there!

Sunday 30th October
  1. Josh's grandparents took us to Kenilworth, it's only around 10-15 minutes away from us but it's so different to Coventry. We looked around the castle which was huge, I'd definately go back seen as we can get there on the bus
  2. After Kenilworth we went to Packwood House in Solihull. It was a really lovely day and made a nice change to get out of Coventry. I did a post about both places here
Packwood House

Monday 31st October
  1. Watched Psychoville halloween special. We decided against doing anything for halloween this year as all the costumes we looked at seemed so expensive. We did get dressed up last year which I loved even if I did have to spend the following week scrubbing red hairspray off the white bathroom walls and floor! Actually I think I'll put a little photo on of last years outfits for you!

Last years halloween outfits and our bathroom after I'd used loads of red hairspray, it looks like a murder scene!

Tuesday 1st November
  1. Josh cooked us a lovely chilli, it was so nice and warming
  2. Eating black treacle parkin that Josh's gran made us
  3. Thought of a couple of nice things to get Josh for our anniversary. Our actual 4 year anniversary isn't until 18th December however we've always done something a month early with the actual one been so close to christmas!
Wednesday 2nd November
  1. Cooking a really nice chicken korma
  2. Eating some of the chocolate cake that Josh's gran baked
  3. Seeing that Starbucks red cups are back, that means christmas drinks which I love!
  4. Cute little monkey on Bing!

I couldn't find it without the Bing search bar over it, but how cute?!

Chocolate fudge cake

Thursday 3rd November
  1. Had my first Starbucks christmas drink of the year (gingerbread latte) and it was so nice. Unfortunately Josh forgot his phone so I couldn't get a decent photo to document the moment!
  2. Planned lots of blog posts so there's plenty to come on little Bits and Bobs
Friday 4th November
  1. To be honest there isn't really anything for today except watching Derren Brown (amazing!) and eating chocolate cake! I wasted 3 hours trying to start an essay and only got around 600 words done, emailed councillors for quotes for my essay and got very brief answers and then no replies from them (rude!) and then to top it off I discovered that Josh and I have lost almost £100 from last years damage deposit which I'm quite pissed off about because they've charged us for things that we've already paid for and that aren't even damaged. I swear to god if the rooms weren't so nice here and that Josh and I didn't get to have our own little place I'd be out of here like a shot because toddlers would have better management skills than the people here and they'd be a lot bloody nicer! Little rant over!


  1. love the outfit! where are the wedges from?


  2. Thanks! I bought them from New Look about a month ago. I love them! x

  3. Cute outfit, love the blouse :)


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