Kenilworth Castle and Packwood House

Over the weekend Josh's grandparents came to visit us and we had a really good weekend. On Saturday we did the usual things we do when someone visits us for the first time (looked around the cathedrals and in the transport museum) then at night we went out for an Indian. After a year of living in Coventry and moaning that I miss the countryside and the greeness of been in Yorkshire, I was pleasantly surprised when they took us out on Sunday and 15 minutes from Coventry we ended up in Kenilworth, a cute little village that couldn't be more different to Coventry despite being very close to it. Anyway we looked around the castle there which was huge then we went for a drink. After that Josh's gran suggested we go to Packwood House which is in Solihull again it was a lovely place surrounded by greeness! So in all I had such a good day yesterday, it much a really nice change to go out and do stuff like that, which Josh and I both like anyway and to find somewhere so nice so close to us was great!

Kenilworth Castle

Packwood House


  1. this looks so beautiful! :) x

  2. Great pics! Looks like you had a great time :)

  3. Glad you had a great weekend, the pics are amazing! :) xoxo


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