Happy List #30

Saturday 22nd October
  1. My mum and stepdad came to visit for the weekend, we always have loads of fun when they come to visit
  2. Went shopping with mum, got Josh another christmas present. It was nice spending time with mum too
  3. Spent the evening in the pub drinking wine and chatting
Sunday 23rd October
  1. Did a little bit of shopping in the morning, bought some carrott face cream from Body Shop
  2. Went to Costa and had my usual (Creme Brulee latte)
  3. Went for an Indian in a restaurant thats just opened around the corner from us. It was one of the nicest Indians I've had. We got so much food and it was really cheap
  4. Went to the pub after and ended up having conversations about old comedies, it made me want to watch them all
Outfit for the Indian - head to toe Primark except the boots they're from New Look

Monday 24th October
  1. Ordered Josh a christmas present so all his stuff is coming together nicely now
  2. Mum's christmas present arrived, I'm very organised this year!
Tuesday 25th October
  1. My Lady Umbrella t-shirt arrived and I couldn't be more happy with it. Take a look at my post about it here
  2. Somehow got drawn in by lots of cute animal videos on YouTube, however this funny video was a highlight for me, found it so funny!
The funny YouTube video

Wednesday 26th October
  1. It was my best friends 21st today and although I couldn't be there I got a nice text from her saying she loved all her presents. Really happy that she likes them. I've been putting on previous happy lists that I'd been buying presents for her but obviously I couldn't put what I'd bought - well now I can just incase you're wondering. I got her some pj's and slippers, Lush stuff (snow fairy and happy hippy shower gels, a bath melt and a little gift set) and some Vivienne Westwood earrings
  2. Went to see Contagion with Josh, it was really good. Go and see it! I did a review here
  3. Watched Mrs Brown's Boys (well actually we watched it last night but seen as it was after midnight I figured I'd stick it on todays!), it's the first time I've seen it but I found it so funny
Cinema outift with my new Lady Umbrella top

Thursday 27th October
  1. Lovely meal of spaghetti carbonara with smokey bacon, one of my fave meals
  2. Booked to go to the Indian on Saturday (yes the same one I went to less than a week ago!) as Josh's grandparents are visiting overnight on Saturday so I'm looking forwards to that
Friday 28th October
  1. Carved two pumpkins, a traditional one and a Beatles Love one (Josh's idea) I can't take credit for them as Josh is the creative one! They look really good though
Intense concentration!

Hollowing out duties, Josh didn't trust me to carve it!

The finished products. They look so good!


  1. Love the pumpkins, I'm gonna carve one tomorrow. :)


  2. love the pumpkins!

    hello, it's Hannah from Which Way To Wonderland (http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com). Thanks for wanting to take part in my blogger secret santa, please check your email for my details on what to do next :) Thank you! xx

  3. Wow, the pumpkins look great! I didn't get to carve one this year as they were all sold out!! x


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