Happy List #29

Saturday 15th October
  1. Went swimming at 50m felt really good after
  2. Watched X Factor, Craig and Janet are my favourites
  3. Drinking wine and eating mint aero. Not at the same time obviously, but mint aero is so yummy
Sunday 16th October
  1. Costa Sunday - had another Creme Brulee latte because they're so nice
  2. Finished buying presents for my best friends 2lst
  3. Bought myself a cardi from H+M. It's so snuggly and it's fast become my favourite item of clothing (I promise I'll do a vlog of all the stuff I've bought soon, that's why there's no photo's!)
Monday 17th October
  1. Today was so good. Josh told me about the earlier christmas present he's got me and I'm going to see Paul McCartney live in Liverpool on the 20th December. I'm so excited, I love Liverpool and I can't wait to see Paul McCartney again! I did a post here about it because I was so excited!
Tuesday 18th October
  1. One of Josh's christmas presents arrived (yes I've started christmas shopping already!) I can't say what it is because he reads my blog but I'm quite impressed with it. Just hope he likes it too
  2. Went for cocktails at Old Orleans because it shuts permanently on Sunday. I loved the food and cocktails there so it's sad that it's shutting. Anyway I had 4 lovely cocktails (quite a few pictures of these to follow!)
What I wore (not too dressed up because we only had a few drinks and it was cold outside). Jeans, shirt, scarf and cardi from Primark and boots from Newlook

Mint Madness cocktail, actually I had two of these because they taste so good! Quite possibly the best cocktail ever

Cherry Daiquiri - wasn't a huge fan of this. It tasted funny!

Going, going gone

Dennis the Menace. I like this one it reminds me of holidays!

Wednesday 19th October
  1. Boxed all my best friends presents up ready to post to her. I must say I think I've done pretty well with the presents!
  2. Saw a t-shirt on a website (Lady Umbrella) and the kind people who run the company offered my 15% off, bargain
Thursday 20th October
  1. Ordered the t-shirt from Lady Umbrella can't wait for it to arrive!
  2. Bought some Ugg boots (not real ones just £5 primark ones) some thick brown socks that will look good scrunched down with boots and tights and a rust/pinky coloured bodycon skirt from H+M. I was so pleased that the skirt fitted so well as I didn't think it would fit me. Swimming must be paying off!
The top I ordered - not very clear but I will be doing a post about it when I receive it

Friday 21st October
  1. Swam 50 lenghts so I was really proud of myself and felt really good
  2. Redesigned my blog, after two hours of stress I got it looking how I wanted. What do you all think?
  3. Bought a powder blusher from Topshop, I love the colour it just takes a lot of building up. I'll be doing a review on it soon
New blusher 'Pop'

As I've been typing this I've realised I've been buying lots in the past couple of weeks. I really need to stop especially when I've christmas presents to buy but I've a feeling I won't stick to that, oopps!


  1. Craig and Janet are also my favourites! I will be voting again tonight!

    I also really need to start Christmas shopping but I have no clue what I am getting anyone yet!

    You have a lovely blog :)

    Jazz xo


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