Happy List #28

First off sorry I've been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks, I've started back at uni and to be quite honest I've been focusing a bit more on my professional blog so I haven't really had the time to focus on Bits and Bobs I don't actually have anything to blog about at the moment either so please feel free to leave suggestions of any posts or vlogs you would like to see in the comments or tweet me!
Secondly I actually only have one photo for this week so I'll be using the aid of weheartit.com for some of the days!

Saturday 8th October
  1. Baked a simple chocolate sponge, it was lovely
  2. Made a start with watcing the latest series of House on DVD, I love House!
Terrible photo of me but lovely sponge and custard

Sunday 9th October
  1. Bought myself a new uni bag and another Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream. I'm really liking them (I don't have photo's of these as I am planning a vlog in the next few weeks with things I've bought recently so you'll see them on there)
  2. Bought my best friend another present for her 21st, I love buying presents. I'm actually quite impressed with everything I've got but I can't say on here incase she reads it!
  3. Creme Brulee latte in Costa, it's the first time I've tried one and it was gorgeous, definately think it will become my new favourite drink there
Much love for Costa Sundays!

Monday 10th October
  1. Went shopping with one of my mates from uni to fill a 5 hour gap we had, I bought nothing however he came away with a bag from every shop we went to resulting in a lot of bags and almost 4 hours spent shopping!
Shopping - except Michael had double this amount of bags!

Tuesday 11th October
  1. Bought a monthly swimming pass and went for the first time today, really hope I can get fit so I'm going to try and go every day
  2. Found a video of a dog dressed up, it was so cute and funny. Josh had to tell me the dog was dressed up like something from Star Wars because he's a geek!
Star wars dog video!

Wednesday 12th October
  1. Went swimming again, hope I can keep up going every day
  2. Went to the cinema to see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. You it was ok, not the best or scariest film ever though. You can read my review here
Thurday 13th October
  1. Having a couple of hours to myself whilst Josh was at uni, sometimes its nice just to have a little space apart
  2. Managed 40 lengths at swimming
  3. Finished my book Banquet for the Damned
Friday 14th October
  1. What set off as curiosity as to how much a Chiuaua puppy cost turned into an hour of looking at jack russell puppies, alaskan malamute puppies and and chiuaua puppies for sale. I'll have one of each!
  2. Watched Ricky Gervais Science, it was pretty funny
I'm not going to lie, this made my day!

So cute!

Really want an Alaskan Malamute

All images except the first photo are coutesy of weheartit.com


  1. Costa Sundays are the best things ever! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow...

  2. I want a friend that knows how to shop as well as yours clearly does!

  3. nice blog entry, it is so important to do little things that make u happy!


  4. OMG those puppies are sooo adorable!!


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