Happy List #27

Saturday 1st October
  1. Did lots more sunbathing
  2. Decided to go for an afternoon drink, I had a marzipan cocktail and sex on the beach cocktail
Sunday 2nd October
  1. Sat outside for a bit but the sun kept going in so we couldn't fully enjoy it
  2. Costa Sunday! The first one since we've been back
  3. Reading lots, I'm currently reading Banquet for the Damned and it's pretty good
Monday 3rd October
  1. First day back at uni so it was really good to see everyone, I missed all my friends over the summer!
  2. Bought a new pair of shoes to cheer myself up as uni was rubbish, also I had a little rant here
New shoes!

Tuesday 4th October
  1. Had a Daim bar milkshake it was so yummy
  2. Had a wander round town to look for some present ideas for my best mates 21st, unfortunately I can't afford to go back home and go out for here birthday which I feel crappy about so I want to get some good stuff to sort of make up for it. Plus I love buying people presents!
Wednesday 5th October
  1. Went to Ikea for lunch as we needed to drop the form of for an Ikea card
  2. Reading my book. I'm reading so much lately and really enjoying it. Making the most of it though because I start my contemporary novel module soon so I won't have much time to read my own stuff
Thursday 6th October
  1. Introduction to my contemporary novel module, it looks quite good and I'm glad there was a literature option this year
  2. Going out in Birmingham with all my uni friends. It was sooo much fun with everyone back together after the summer
What I wore to go out, dress - Zara, tight and shoes - Primark

All of us out in Birmingham

Friday 7th October
  1. Seen as I was nursing a hangover I've spent the majority of the day in bed having a duvet day. Quite enjoyed it though
  2. Watching Aristocats with Josh. It's my favourite Disney film (I'm still a child at heart!) so Josh bought it me for my birthday. He's never seen it before so I quite enjoyed watching it with him.
  3. Watching Idiot Abroad. The funniest moment was when Karl was comparing some monkey's to him, Ricky and Steve and when asked which monkey was Steve he went 'that one in the corner touching itself' I was crying with laughter


  1. Looks like you had a pretty decent week! I hope Uni is going better for you :)

  2. @temporary secretary and @Cherry Thanks! =]
    @Sophie Isobel aaww thanks, its slowly improving! x

  3. super cute new shoes! x


  4. i love your new shoes and also they way you can find something positive about each day:)
    xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

  5. I love your dress, it's so pretty! :) Sounds like you had a lovely week, I love hanging around in coffee shops on a sunday, and daim bar milkshakes are lush.




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