Happy List #26

Saturday 24th Septmeber
  1. Spending the day at mums
  2. Shopping with mum
  3. Finishing my book, it's took me all summer to read it but I loved it. Easily one of the best books I've ever read. You can read my review here
Sunday 25th September
  1. Coming back to Coventry, despite the fact that I'll miss Yorkshire and my mum and stepdad, it's nice now Josh and I are all unpacked and settled back in Coventry (we've got the same apartment as last year so it's home now)
  2. Lots of food thanks to Josh's parents who took us food shopping on the way down to Coventry so we're stocked up for quite a while now
Monday 26th September
  1. Going to the Freshers Fair, even though I'm no longer a fresher you have to take advantage of freebies!
  2. New things such as plates and placemats
  3. Getting an orchid from Ikea, it's very pretty
  4. Buying Monopoly and the new season of House so we've plenty to do
  5. Doing my first proper video blog. I was very nervous and the video came out very quiet, but we've sorted that problem now so my next video should be much better (and louder!) You can watch it here
Fresher's Freebies

Orchid, plates, mats and House

Tuesday 27th September
  1. More Freshers Fair freebies
  2. New jeans and jumper (I may do a video soon about the things I've bought recently)
Wednesday 28th September
  1. A new Indian has opened in Coventry so Josh and I went for a look and they let us have a look inside. It seems really nice so I can't wait to try that
  2. Sat in the sun reading my book
  3. Josh and I decided to go to Wetherspoons at night for a couple of drinks, I tried a marzipan cocktail and it was lovely. I'll definately be having it again
Thursday 29th September
  1. Finding a new park, I'm not sure how we ever missed it but it's a good place to sit on sunny days, it has a lake with swans and huge fish
  2. Went to another park in the afternoon to sunbathe and read
The new park we found

Friday 30th  September
  1. Went back to the park with the swans to get some photo's
  2. Had a picnic which I really enjoyed because Josh and I have never had a picnic together. We than spent the afternoon sunbathing
Little picnic and tanning times

Are there any video blogs people would like to see me do?

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