Happy List #25

Saturday 17th September
  1. My mum and stepdad picked up their new car and it's much nicer than their other so I'm more comfortable in it!
  2. Mum's friend came down with one of her kids, Danny who's 5, as soon as he walked in he went 'oh she's here again' so when his mum asked him who he went 'my girlfriend' meaning me, he's so cute! Josh had competition because he gave me lots of kisses and 50p!
Sunday 18th September
  1. I expected today to be boring as I was on my own but it was fairly relaxing reading, watching tv and making poached eggs on toast
  2. Lovely sunday dinner
  3. Seeing my gran for the last time before I go back to Coventry
Monday 19th September
  1. Woke up feeling really refreshed and happy which is unusual but I was quite a good mood
  2. Met my best friend and went to Pizza Hut then back to hers for a good catch up, wish I had chance to see her more often
Monday's outfit

Tuesday 20th September
  1. Getting photo's of Ziggy (Josh's cat) he's so cute a could take 100's of photo's of him
  2. Watching Jackass 3, so funny but so gross I had to look away at times because it was making me feel sick
My little man Ziggy

Wednesday 21st September
  1. Watching Shameless and America's Next Top Model in the morning
  2. Went to see my other gran for last time before going back to Coventry
Thursday 22nd September
  1. Dancing with Ziggy, Josh filmed it and I didn't realise
  2. Going for an Indian with Josh parents and grandparents. It was nice but everything was really spicy
  3. Staying at Josh's
Me and Josh before the meal

Friday 23rd September
  1. Josh created a YouTube channel for Bits and Bobs so you can expect to see some vlogs soon!
  2. Going into town with Josh, we got lots of little christmas Yankee candles (a little early but we can't get them in Coventry) and an advent candle
  3. Ziggy following us down the street like he knew he wouldn't see me again until christmas!
  4. Staying at mums
In other news as Ziggy has been mentioned quite a lot in the recent Happy List posts I've decided to do a post dedicated to him (because everyone loves cute cats right?!) soon, so keep your eyes open for that. Also I'm moving back to Coventry tomorrow after 10 weeks back in Yorkshire so it feels a little odd at the moment, I'm really going to miss my mum and stepdad (my mum reads this so I thought I'd do her a little message!) but I'm really looking forwards to them visiting. Love you mum and Tony x
So I'll be doing a sort of summer summary post in the next few days

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