Happy List #24

Saturday 10th September
  1. Buying a Mickey and Minnie t-shirt
  2. Spending the day at mums
  3. Drinking coffee with Baileys in it whilst watching X Factor
Not the most flattering of photos but you can see my new t-shirt

Sunday 11th September
  1. Meeting Josh in town for a couple of hours. Had a nice drink and a chat, wandered around the shops and shared some popcorn chicken for lunch
  2. Lovely homemade lasagne for tea
Monday 12th September
  1. Nice day at Josh's
  2. Putting all our photo's in the albums
Tuesday 13th September
  1. Cuddles's with Ziggy. He's so cute!
  2. Watching The Love We Make Paul McCartney documentary about the concert for New York after 9/11
  3. Lovely dinner of sausage, mash and Yorkshire pudding
  4. Staying at Josh's
Not a recent photo of cuddle times with Ziggy but cute all the same!

Wednesday 14th September

Josh and I went to York for the day and it was really good. We went shopping which Josh said he actually enjoyed so I was happy about that. We went to Costa Coffee for a drink, then did a bit more shopping. I got quite a few things (a post with what I bought coming in the next few days). We weren't too impressed with dinner. We went to a pub we've been to before but now the menu has changed and the food was quite fancy, the problem was it didn't even taste that nice. After we went for some drinks and ended up chatting for ages. Coming home was a nightmare as our train was cancelled and it wasn't annouced so it ended up taking us 3 hours to get back. In all though we had a lovely day. I did a blog post with lots of pictures from York here.


Thursday 15th September
  1. The weather was really good so Josh and I decided to make the most of it and go for a walk. I did a blog post with some photo's here
  2. Went to the pub quiz with my dad and stepmum and it turned out to be quite a good night

Friday 16th September
  1. Morning to myself reading, watching TV and blogging
  2. Lovely dinner. Only had sausage and chips but it was really nice
  3. Staying at mums

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