Happy List #23

Saturday 3rd September
  1. I expected today to be quite rubbish as I was coming back of holiday but I ended up going to mums when I was back so it was ok, much better than been in on my own
  2. Night in to myself. I didn't mind been home alone then as I watched X Factor and drank a Baileys coffee so it was a pretty good night in!
Sunday 4th September
  1. Today has been so bad that I don't think there's anything happy to write (sorry). I've just had my pj's on all day and done nothing but blog and mess around with holiday photo's. I wish I was still on holiday where my days were filled with fun things to do
Monday 5th September
  1. Going to Josh's for the day, I really enjoyed it but it went so fast
  2. Watching Mirrors 2, Josh didn't like it but I thought it was ok
  3. Watching a programme about Ladyboys. Was funny but actually some of them were really pretty!
Tuesday 6th September
  1. Having Josh's cat Ziggy lay with me like a baby, he's so cute bless him (I don't have any photo's of him laid with me but I do have other cute pics so I'll include one of those of him when he was a kittten)
  2. Lovely carbonara for tea
  3. Staying at Josh's. I was really looking forwards to staying and I had lots of fun. Just like when we first started staying together. Now we live together when we're at uni we get too used to each other but it was really nice staying at his this time!
Ziggy when he was small and cute

Wednesday 7th September
  1. Lazy day at Josh's
  2. Ordering some prints of our photo's from the past year. It sounds silly but I like that me and Josh have a few photo albums together because (at the risk of sounding mental) I think 'oh it'll be nice to look through all these photo's in like 10 years time!'
Thursday 8th September
  1. Going to Shelley garden centre with Josh, his dad and his grandparents for afternoon tea lol. I had a Malteser torte and it was gorgeous but really sickly
  2. Went back to Josh's grandparents after. Their house is so nice
  3. The view from the huge windows in the cafe, it was so lovely and green. Won't get views like that when I'm back in Coventry. It was a proper Yorkshire view as Josh said!
  4. Josh's gran couldn't work out what something was that they'd got as an anniversary present months back. Whislt she was messing with it she just turned to Josh's grandad and went 'we got this as a gift...we should ask what it's for.' For some reason this really tickled me and Josh
My Malteser torte in all its glory (sorry for the rubbish phone pic!)

Friday 9th September
  1. Going for a drink and a chat with Josh in a cafe. I had a really nice hot chocolate
  2. Nice little texts from Josh
  3. Staying at mums
My lovely hot chocolate (again it's a phone pic)


  1. These photos are lovely, the malteasers torte looks delicious! I know what you mean about living with your boyfriend and getting too comfy, sometimes it is nice eto have some time out so it is all the better when you meet up xxx


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