Happy List #22

This weeks list is just like last weeks as in it's more of a diary than a list as I was still on holiday. I know it's a day late but I only got back off holiday yesterday and couldn't be bothered to do anything but sit in my pj's and watch X Factor! Again I'll be including a few holiday snaps but over the next week I will be doin some more holiday themed posts for you to look at. Enjoy!

Saturday 27th August

Me and Josh went down to the beach and had a walk along it before going to the amusements. I was a bit of a pig and had a hotdog then went to the Harbour Bar for a chocolate milkshake float, oh well I'm on holiday! I did walk off some of the food after though as we went up the steps to the castle and back down into town where we found an old second hand bookshop, however I didn't find anything I wanted but mum phoned to tell me she'd got me the last Harry Potter book for £2 at a charity shop so my collection is complete now. In the afternoon me and Josh had a game of monopoly but I lost.
At night we went to the Cask for some food and drinks, there was a really adorable dog in the pub which came over to us, we found out it's name was Daisy Cowbell  which is quite possibly the best dog name ever! All night she kept coming and laying with us it was so cute, she loved Josh which was really funny because he's not a dog fan and she kept falling asleep on him!

Josh with Daisy Cowbell, me with Daisy Cowbell

Sunday 28th August 

We went to Scalby Mills today to go to a real ale pub so we got the open top bus to Peasholm Park then the little train to Scalby Mills. There were loads of wasps at the pub and we were sat outside. I can't stand wasps so I went off for a walk out of the way, there was some lovely views all around the bay where I walked. Thankfully we eventually moved inside out of the way of the wasps.
We were going to go out for drinks tonight but dinner was fairly late so we decided against it so we just stayed in and watched a repeat of the X Factor and the Xtra Factor, it always seems like proper winter TV so I can't wait to watch it when winter comes so I can snuggle down with a hot chocolate!

One of the views from my walk

Monday 29th August

Me and Josh went to the Italian Gardens this morning to get some photo's, we couldn't see any fish in the pond today but we did find a cute little fat, fluffy robin and it kept following me! It was so busy on the front with it been Bank Holiday so we walked on the beach where it wasn't as busy. Josh went to buy himself some chips for lunch and not long after we'd bought them, a seagull decided to go the the toilet on Josh, I found it so funny but Josh wasn't happy. He barely ate the chips as he was worried the seagull may have planted a little surprise in there too even though I reassured him it hadn't. I went to the Harbour Bar and bought a chocolate twist ice-cream which was huge! After Josh made me go back so he could have shower, on the way back we saw the fat black cat again and found out his name's George (I much preferred my name of Mr Tiddles for him). I ran back home to tell mum and Tony about the seagull and Josh and they found it really funny too.
At night we went to the Valley, I really like it in there bacause the real ciders are so much better than normal cider.

Italian Gardens, little Robin

Tuesday 30th August

We got up really early this morning to go the Helmsley and Pickering to visit the castles there. We went to Helmsley first and had a really nice bacon and egg sandwich. Me and mum went to the bookshop but it was pretty rubbish this time. We went to a lovely bakery that we always go to there and got some raspberry jam buns and some shortbread. We then went to look around the castle we went last year but we all like looking around things like that. 
We then went on to Pickering, me and Josh have never been to that castle, it's only small but it was still good. After me and mum went back to the bookshop we found in Pickering last week and I got two books one which I'd picked up last week and put back then regretted it so I was glad it was still there.
Me and Josh had seen a small shop selling records and other odds and ends on the way into Pickering so on the way back to the car we had a looked in and they had The Beatles Hard Days Night Record for £16 which was a pretty good price because it was in really good condition so mum lent us the money and we bought it (Josh bought me a Beatles record and a Paul McCartney record for christmas too).
After tea we went to the Cask for the quiz, we cheated as usual so we came joint first and won 10 vouchers which was good for a free quiz!

Helmsley castle, me and mum at Pickering castle, Beatles record

Wednesday 31st August

Got up early again to go to Whitby. I really like it there. We went up to the abbey, again we've done this quite a few times but I still like looking round. I tried going down a banking and ended up slipping as it was damper than I realised so I went arse over tit (as my stepdad worded it) and then carried on sliding down when I'd hit the floor. Like a girl I set off crying (mainly through shock not because I'd actually hurt myself even though my back suffered the next day!) all Josh could do was tell me to get up because people were looking but I just sat weeping on the floor. My stepdad then told my mum to get off the phone because it was serious (he's deaf so he couldn't hear that I wasn't actually injured plus he shouts loud with been deaf so by this point everyone in the surrounding area knew what was happening). When mum came over the first thing she said was 'has anyone taken a photo?' at this point I was still on the floor, she was literally crying with laughter, as you can see my mum's nuturing instincts kicked straight in...
She was laughing so much that I couldn't help but laugh too. What made it worse was that Josh told her I made some kind of yodeling noise as I slipped, well that just set her off laughing even more. It then started a joke that I sounded like I was doing a Jimmy Savillle impression, cue lots of reinactments by Josh of the noise I made on the way home in the car and Facebook status' by mum and Josh about me falling.
At night we went to an Indian restaurant we like and it was so yummy. After we had a little walk and got some nice photo's of the bay all lit up. There's something I really like about places all lit up by the sea, it doesn't matter if it's here or abroad, it just looks really pretty.

Whitby, lights around the bay

Thursday 1st September

Mum's friend visted today with her two kids who immediately took to Josh (he loves kids but I told him not to get any ideas!). Mum went out with her friend so me and Josh went to the Rotunda museum which was good, it's not very big but it's got some interesting stuff in it. After we wandered up to the Harbour Bar where we saw mum. Josh was hungry at this point so we got a chip butty. We went back then and waited for the kids to come home as we'd told them we'd take them to the rock pools fishing. When they got in they'd bought some toy guns and they'd got one for Josh so he could play with them. Cute!
Later me and Josh took the kids to the rock pools with some nets and a bucket, Josh even broke his golden rule of not taking his shoes off on the sand and he even went paddling with the kids. We only managed to catch two crabs, granted they were dead so it wasn't that difficult but the kids had fun.
At night we went to the Cask where a battle broke out between the kids as to who was going to sit next to Josh! Everyone went back earlier so the kids could go to bed but me and Josh stayed for a drink on our own.

Me, Josh, Danny and Joe

Friday 2nd September

Everyone went to Scalby Mills so the kids could go on the little train (mum's friend and the kids stayed the night) but me and Josh weren't bothered about going so we went into town and then decided to walk round to Peasholm Park, where we were meeting everyone later. It was a fairly long walk but it was nice and we stopped for a bit of food and a drink at a cafe on the way round. The kids wanted to go on this tank driving thing and Joe (one of the kids) really wanted to go on with Josh so it was really funny watching them together on that. After we went across to Peasholm Park to go on the dragon pedlo's. Joe came on with me and Josh, whilst Danny (the other kid) went with mum and her friend. You could have half an hour on them but mum and her friend only went round the lake once however we made sure we got the full half an hour out of it! It was really fun. We then went back into Scarborough for some lunch. Whilst we walked back to the bungalow Josh went into town to buy a small lego set (he's a big kid) as the kid's had set him off with his lego obssession again! When he got back him and Joe sat building it together!

Josh and Joe on the tank, Josh and Joe on the pedlo

It's been a really good holiday and I've actually not really missed going abroad, although I love lounging by a pool and getting a tan this has been a really fun holiday!

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