Liverpool 2011

I recently went for a few days away (8th to 10th August) to Liverpool with my boyfriend Josh. We went last year but only stayed overnight, it was much better this time as we had more time to do things. I thought I'd share with you what we did each day. Now this isn't going to be to everyone's taste as we went mainly for all the Beatles stuff as that's what we really like but I hope you enjoy this post anyway. This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post too (but trust me the photo's here are only a very small fraction of what we actually took!) Enjoy!

Monday 8th August

We got to Liverpool around dinner time and decided to go for a Starbucks because it was raining. Later that afternoon we went on a Magical Mystery tour (a tour of all things to do with the Beatles, houses, places that feature in their songs etc). We went on the tour last year but this year was better as we could get out for photo's at Strawberry Field (the place John Lennon played as a child and later included in a song of the same name). I really like going on the tour as it's really interesting and good to visit all the different places. After the tour we got dropped off near the Cavern (a club where the Beatles played at the start) so we went in for a drink. I love the Cavern so much because it's got a really good atmosphere with live music playing and everyone having a good time. It's really different to any other place. After a drink we went to check in at the Travelodge and got ready for a night out. We went to a Mexican/American restaurant that we went to last year but it's so nice that we couldn't not go this year and thenwe went back to the Cavern. The guy performing that night was good but he got a bit annoying after a while because he was shouting!

Top - bottom at Penny Lane, Josh outside the Magical Mystery tour bus, at Strawberry Field, John Lennon's aunts house (where he lived most of the time as a child), me outside the Cavern, Josh on the way down to the Cavern, first drink of the trip inside the Cavern, just about the go out

Tuesday 9th August

After breakfast we went the the Beatles Story museum, again we did this last year but we had to carry all our stuff around with us last year so it was nice to walk round and properly look at everything this year. It's a really good museum (if you like the Beatles obviously!) and even though we went last year I still found it just as good this year. We had a quick Starbucks break in the first bit of the museum before going over to the other bit that has a John Lennon exhibtion in it called White Feather. As John Lennon is my favourite Beatle I really like this bit, it's got lots of photo's from his first wife and son in it and some of his clothing and drawings. There was also a new exhibtion called the Beatles Hidden Gallery which contained photo's taken by a photographer who was just starting out at the time and had took lots of photo's of the Beatles which he'd forgotten about and only recently found. Whilst we were in the second half of the museum we found out that there was a monument that'd been put up in Liverpool One in memory of John Lennon and for peace on earth, so we decided to go and find that. It was really nice to see as it was accompanied with a big piccture of Julian Lennon and a quote from him about the significance of the white feather.
After we went to Albert Docks to look around the shops there and then we went to Matthew Street where the Cavern is to look in some shops there. I bought a yellow Beatles t-shirt to add to my growing collection and we got a Rubber Soul album cover fridge magnet to go with the one we bought last year. We then went for a drink in the Cavern. Whilst getting ready we had the news on however they failed to mention that due to the riots some cities had been shut down so we wandered off out for food only to discover no restaurants were open, even McDonalds was closing early, luckily we were the last ones they let in so we ended up sat on a bench outside all dressed up with a McDonalds. I didn't really mind though because the Cavern was still open and that was the main part of the night for me so we headed off there after food. I had a really good night because the guy performing in the Cavern was really good and played some of my favourite Beatles songs!

Top - bottom the Bealtes Story museum, me in the museum, Josh in the museum, Josh on Abbey Road on the museum, my favourite picture, Josh and friends, John Lennon Imagine room, view from 2nd half of the museum, peace on earth John Lennon monument, me at the wall of fame, Josh at the original entrance to the Cavern, me before going out, Josh before going out, us in the Cavern

Wednesday 10th August

We only had half a day left in Liverpool so we went to the Beatles Story museum shop where Josh bought me a pink cup with a curly straw that says the Beatles Story on it (cos I'm a kid!). We then went back to Matthew Street and got another magnet with the Live at the BBC album cover on it and then went to the Cavern for one last drink. Everyone has wrote things on the Cavern walls so me and Josh decided to join in so we now have our names on the wall right next to the stage, I'm really happy we did that!

Our names on the Cavern wall!

In all Liverpool was amazing, I didn't want to leave. It was the best few days I've had in ages and sharing it all with Josh made it even better, I'm really glad we both enjoy doing the same things like we did in Liverpool. Thanks for a lovely few days Josh!


  1. Aw, you two are such a cute couple - look like you had an awesome time! x

  2. Looks like you had a great time!

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