Happy List #21

This week's Happy List is slightly different in that it's not actually a list but more of a diary as I'm currently on holiday in Scarborough so I've been writing more of a diary thing about each day instead so this post will be a little longer than the other Happy List's. I will be including a few photo's but I will be doing other holiday posts when I'm back next Saturday.

Saturday 20th August

First day of the holiday. Me and Josh caught the train to Scarborough as there wasn't enough room in my mum and stepdad's car but we don't mind doing that because it's fairly cheap and there's nice views on the way plus we actually had a bit of a lucky escape because they got a flat tyre on the way. We all ended up at the bungalow at the same time so that was ok. After unpacking all the food and our cases we chilled out for a bit and got ready to go out. We all went to the Cask pub for a meal and a few drinks. It's a really nice low key pub with good food. We all had a fairly early night as we were tired from travelling. We've only been here half a day but already it's so much fun.

Pretty flower in my hair

Sunday 21st August

Had a fairly rubbish nights sleep but surprisingly it didn't bother me as much as it would at home, everything is just so relaxing here so it just didn't bother me. After a lovely breakfast I got sorted then we all went to Scarborough castle, there's some really good views from up there plus it was much warmer than when we went up last year. Actually today has been fairly hot. I used my new rucksack, screw fashion it was the best thing I've used. It fitted everything in it without feeling heavy and I wouldn't be able to do that with my other bags. We just popped into town after the castle.
We had a relaxing afternoon whilst dinner cooked, I read whilst Josh slept (old man).
After a lovely sunday dinner cooked by mum and then she wanted to go for a walk so us two went out and walked through the Italian Gardens which were really pretty and I'd never seen them before. 
At night we just stayed in with some drinks and a film. 

Scarborough castle, Josh at the castle, Italian Gardens

Monday 22nd August

Early start but again I was relatively happy when I woke up. We went to Robin Hoods Bay, I've never been before but it was really nice except for the massive hill you have to walk back up it killed my legs! There's nothing really there but it looks lovely. I also got some shells off the beach. 
When the shops opened me, mum and Josh went in a second hand book shop which had some really really old books in it. I bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as I don't have the last three books. 
At night we went to the Valley pub. It's really nice in there and they fo lots of real ales and ciders so we had a few drinks and lots of fun conversations. We didn't get home until around 12.15.

Robin Hoods Bay, me shell hunting
Tuesday 23rd August 
We all went to Bridlington this morning for an hour to get a crab for luch. We had a little wander around the shops and then picked up a crab and some prawns then went for some nice bread and a curd tart. I've never had crab before but I really enjoyed it.
At night we went to the Cask pub again for the quiz , we did pretty well (32 out of 38) however we did cheat at times with mums iphone.  We ended up with four 50% off vouchers for drinks which wasn't bad.

Seagulls in Bridlington, me practicing my new found talent of balancing things on my face

Wednesday 24th August

Had such an early start this morning but it was definately worth it. We went on a steam train from Pickering to Grosmont. There wasn't anything there but it was really pretty and there was a nice second hand book shop there so I bought two books. From Grosmont we caught another steam train to Goathland again there wasn't really anything there but it was really picturesque. We had a look around the shops and went for some lunch. When I'd bought an ice-cream we went to get the train back to Pickering. It was a good day and good experience and we were surrounded by gorgeous countryside.
We decided to have a night in with having a long day so we had fish and chips for tea and just watched some TV.

Me on the train, the garage used in Heartbeat at Goathland

Thursday 25th August

Today we went into Scarborough for one of the first times since we've been here! We saw a little shetland pony so I had my photo taken with it. Me and Josh went off on our own and called in at a really nice handmade fudge shop. I bought malteser fudge and oreo fudge. After that we went to the Harbour Bar which sells gorgeous icecreams, milkshake and soda floats. I had a cherry float. Just as me and Josh got back in we got a text from mum saying they were in the pub so we joined them for a drink.
At night we went our seperate ways for a walk. Me and Josh ended up walking along the beach where I found a cute little shell. After that we all met up for a drink in the Cask. It was really nice going on a walk as it was a nice night and we got some good photo's.

Me and a shetland pony, in the Harbour Bar with a cherry float, me and a cat, walking on the beach, practising my new talent again

Friday 26th August

It's rained so much today. Whilst it'd stopped for a bit me and mum went into town and she bought a monopoly board which looks like a 1930's one. I got Black Swan on DVD as it was on sale in HMV and I really enjoyed it when I saw it at the cinema. I also got the One Day book but I didn't buy that I got it free on 3 for 2 when mum bought two books in Waterstones. 
 It was still raining this afternoon so we had a game of monopoly which passed a good couple of hours. We had lots of fun and I ended up winning!
There wasn't much point in going out tonight because of the rain so we're just staying in to watch Black Swan and have a couple of drinks. When we put Black Swan on the first thing my stepdad said was 'is this Billy Elliot?' I found it sooo funny!

I will be doing some picture posts about the holiday when I'm back so there will be more to look at.


  1. Sounds like such a lovely place! Im especially interested in the castle (I'm such a geek ha-ha) you look like you're having a great time :)


  2. Looks like you're having a great time!


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