Happy List #20

Saturday 13th August
  1. Picking up my new glasses although I am having a love hate relationship with them right now, not sure they suit me and I can't see out of them! Update - I'm now used to them and love them!
  2. Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Red pair of glasses and black and purple pair

Sunday 14th August
  1. Going to Junction 32 outlet with mum, Tony and Josh. I bought a rucksack for my holiday . So it's not fashionable but to be fair I'm going to Scarborough and visiting other places where we'll be out for the day and abbeys and going for walks so I'm looking for comfort and besides it's pink so it's a winner with me!
  2. Mum's sunday dinner. Seriously she cooks the best sunday dinner I've ever tasted
  3. Staying at mum and Tony's

My new rucksack

Monday 15th August
  1. Despite spending an hour in the fracture clinic she got good news as her elbow isn't broken so hoepfully she'll be virtually pain free on holiday
  2. Buying cucumber water from Body Shop. Mum uses this so I tried some and found it really good at removing makeup. It doesn't dry my skin out and leaves it feeling really clean
  3. Comfortably fitting in my size 10 black skinny jeans. I've lost a couple of pounds so I can now fit in them good!
Tuesday 16th August
  1. Reaching 50 followers via GFC on blogger. I never saw myself having a blog until I had to make one for uni I quickly got into that and decided to set up Bits and Bobs as my personal blog. It took a while to get into it but now I love it. I'm so happy that in 5 short months of having this blog I've managed to gain 50 followers. So thanks everyone!
  2. Organising my Filofax with lists and plans. It's a bit sad but I love writing lists 
Wednesday 17th August
  1. Slowly ticking things off my to-do list and plan
  2. Tidying my room - a bit of an odd one on here considering I hate tidying! I'm very messy I'm not going to deny that but my room was even starting to annoy me so I turned my music up loud and got tidying and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be
  3. Best of Reef album - perfect turned up loud and my album of choice when I was tidying
Thursday 18th August
  1. My new shoes I ordered fitting and looking nice (I haven't got a picture because I packed them for the holiday before I remembered to take a pic)
  2. Having my hair cut, I can see again!
  3. Watching the Other Guys film. I hate Will Ferrell but this film was sooo funny
  4. Staying at Josh's
Friday 19th August
  1. Having my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows waxed. I've never had the tinting done but I love the results I'll definately have it done again
  2. Sitting in the park with Josh in the sun and eating a sandwich and a bun
  3. Excitement for going on holiday tomorrow


  1. I need a new pair of glasses, never thought of buying a red pair! may have to invest in some
    cute blog


  2. Your new glasses are lovely :) x


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