Happy List #19

Just a little note before this weeks Happy List, it's going to be a bit of a funny one because Monday to Wednesday I went away for a few days to Liverpool and I'm doing a separate post on that tomorrow so I'm not really going to write much for those days otherwise it'll just got repetitive so there won't be many pictures either because they'll be going on tomorrows post.

Saturday 6th August
  1. Ordering some jewellery from Lou Makes. She had 45% off so I just couldn't resist. I bought a feather necklace, feather earrings and a little bracelet with an angel wing on it. I also bought my mum a little bracelet with a Hamsa charm on (it means protection)
Sunday 7th August
  1. Had a lazy day today so there's not loads to write about. I had a relaxing morning reading then watching America's Next Top Model. After that I blogged and spent most of the afternoon browsing around the net. At night I just went to see my gran
Monday 8th August - Wednesday 10th August

I'm really not going to write much for these days because as I've said I will be doing a post on this tomorrow so you will just have to come back tomorrow to find out what I got up to in Liverpool

In Liverpool in the Beatles museum Starbucks, my hairs very messy but it was very windy and raining!

Yes me and Josh went on this
Thurday 11th August
  1. Going to my mum's for the day despite the fact she might have broke her elbow (hope you've not mum!)
  2. Staying at Josh's
  3. Discovering some John Lennon albums, Josh always led be to believe they weren't very good because he wasn't a fan of them but I really liked some of the songs
Friday 12th August
  1. My jewellery from Lou Makes came (I actually got it Thursday but forgot to write about it) it looks really nice (I'll be blogging about it sometime next week)
  2. Ordering some shoes (again I did this thursday but forgot to write about it) I just really hope they fit
  3. Spending the day with Josh, we didn't really do much just went to see my gran and chilled out at Josh's 
My things from Lou Makes, you'll have to come back later in the week to see what I got!

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