Happy List #18

I'm afraid there's no photo's this week, sorry but I haven't taken any this week and now I've got cold so I really can't be bothered to take any of anything mentioned in the list because as I'm typing this up Friday night all I want to do is get in bed and watch 8 out of 10 cats! Sorry again!

Saturday 30th July
  1. Playing with Josh's cat and sitting in the sun
  2. Chinese takeaway and watching Harry Potter
  3. Playing Lego Harry Potter on my DS (so sad!)
  4. Staying at Josh's
Sunday 31st July
  1. Lazy morning at Josh's
  2. Playing more Lego Harry Potter, it's pretty addictive
  3. Going for an Indian with my mum, stepdad and Josh to celebrate my mums, stepdads and my birthday and my mum and stepdads anniversary as they're all close together
  4. Staying at mums
Monday 1st August
  1. Mums birthday, she seemed to like the presents I got her
  2. Shopping, I got a new top, jeans, bracelet, lipstick and bra with my birthday money (post coming soon on things I've bought with my birthday money)
  3. Staying at mums again. I wasn't supposed to be but it made more sense to
Tuesday 2nd August
  1. New face serum, it's from Aldi and I usually pay £10 for a Bodyshop one however this one was only £3.49, my mum uses it and loves it so I thought I'd try and save myself some money and try it out
  2. Playing monopoly on the ipad I can never win though
Wednesday 3rd August
  1. Sitting outside reading and getting a tan
  2. Going to Pizza Hut buffet with my best friend, it was so nice. We went back to hers after for a good old chat and so I could see her new dog Alfie, he's cute but he's really big!
  3. Late birthday present from my friend. She bought me two Lush sets which are really good
Thurday 4th August
  1. Been at Josh's and staying over
  2. Getting a new phone, it's a pink Samsung chat, I really like it but I can't do much with it today as it needs unlocking
Friday 5th August
  1. Getting my new phone unlocked so I can use it. It's really good
  2. Picking two new pairs of glasses, a red pair and a black and purple pair. I don't get them until the 13th though

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  1. I love reading posts like this, sounds like you've had a lovely week babe :) xxx


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