Happy Birthday To Me!

This is a little bit of a self indulgent post but anyway... Last Thursday was my 20th birthday amd although I didn't do anything that special it was a really nice day. I visited my mum in the morning then I came home and Josh came with lots of present, he put a couple of banners up in my room which was nice. After I'd opened my presents from Josh and his mum we sat outside catching some rays for a bit as it was really sunny. At night we just went to the pub for the quiz. So nothing amazing but I enjoyed it. On Sunday me, Josh, my mum and my stepdad all went out for an Indian in celebration of mine, mums and my stepdads birthdays and my mum and stepdads anniversary because they're all really close together. The meal was so nice. Anyway on to the photo's, I thought I'd share with you what I got for my birthday, only Josh and his mum bought me presents as I'd asked for money from everyone else, when you get older there isn't often anything in particular you can ask people for so I much prefer getting money. My mum did buy me a filofax a few weeks ago as an early present but she gave me money too. I'm even going to throw in a little outfit post here with what I wore to the pub quiz!

Top-bottom birthday girl banner, birthday princess banner, presents, tinkerbell gift bag, badge, all my presents, new necklace, wearing my necklace, sunbathing, outfit.

For those of you who are interested the presents I got were a bag of sweets and chocolate, Bulmers original and pear, shiny happy people lush set, Nightwatch book, fairy baking book, Aristocats DVD, paper and wallets from paperchase for my filofax, voucher for a beauty salon, Bodyshop coconut set, red leopard print scarf from Republic and a necklace.

The outfit - top and shoes Newlook, jeans Dorothy Perkins, earrings Primark

Since my birthday I've bought quite a few things with my money so I'll do a post of what I've bought over the next few days!


  1. Happy birthday, looks like you got spoiled! Lucky gal. xo


  2. I hope you had a good day, you look lush :) xx


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