Happy List #16

Saturday 16th July
  1. Ordering some deco tape for my filofax, scrapbooking etc
  2. Spending the day at mum and Tony's
  3. Eating pretzels
Sunday 17th July
  1. Sorting out all my clothes and rubbish in my room, it felt good to de-clutter
  2. Having a nice peaceful morning reading
  3. Sorting out my new filofax, I think I'm a little bit in love with it!
Monday 18th July
  1. Having my hair cut, it looks and feels so much healthier and it looks much better with my fringe back
  2. Going to Josh's for the afternoon and seeing his cat's, they're so cute!
New haircut
Tuesday 19th July
  1. Spending the day with Josh
  2. Going to my stepsisters wedding reception, it was really nice to see it. 
Me and my stepsister

Wednesday 20th July
  1. Having a nice lazy morning with Josh
  2. Going to see my gran
  3. Lovely carbonara for tea
Thursday 21st July
  1. Going for lunch with mum and her friends
  2. Seeing my other gran
  3. Booking Magical Mystery tour for when we go to Liverpool
Friday 22nd July
  1. Spending the day with mum
  2. Playing Monopoly on the Ipad with mum
  3. Eating Hotel Choclat chocolates, they're so nice 


  1. very cute blog! love the photos above and background! x

  2. You look lovely and I love your top :) xx

  3. i love the new haircut!!! its so adorable


  4. Your dress is absolutely beautiful, I really love your hair too, it really sits you. It sounds like a lovely week too, something planned for every day, but fun things :-).



  5. What a nice list! Love that dress, it's such a cute colour.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  6. Your hair is so shiny!! :) xxx

  7. love your mustard coloured dress and the haircut. I love cleaning and decluttering it makes everything easier.


Thanks for your lovely comments!