Happy List #15

Saturday 9th July
  1. Not really done much today as I've just been relaxing and recovering from Friday's operation. Ordered some Body Shop stuff as I had a 50% off code, then the rest of the time I've just been watching TV, on my DS or on my laptop
Sunday 10th July
  1. Again not the best of days as I felt a bit ill and run down but there were some good things...
  2. Costa Coffee and panini
  3. Two new belts from Primark
  4. Watching Marley and Me, it was really good but I cried
My two new belts
Monday 11th July
  1. Playing Mario and Sonice at the Winter Olympics on DS, I've been after this game for a while
  2. My new filofax that mum bought me has arrived although I've not seen it because it's at my mum's house
Tuesday 12th July
  1. Eating a little sponge bun
  2. Watching Nightwatch, it was really good so I want to read the book now
  3. Watching John Lennon The New York Years
Wednesday 13th July
  1. Fish and chips for tea
  2. Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Thursday 14th July
  1. Josh making me a hedgehog for tea out of a jacket potato, sausge and sweetcorn
  2. Eating jelly and icecream like a kid
  3. Drinking Jacques cider
hedgehog and jelly and icecream
Friday 15th July
  1. Nice cupcakes
  2. Having a couple of drinks in the pub
  3. Coming back to Barnsley, staying at my mums and having a really nice chinese
  4. Getting my new filofax


New filofax


  1. The belts are nice - I love the leopard one!

  2. Great post- love the leopard belt! xxx

  3. Love the belts! Ah isn't marley and me so sad? I actually wished I hadn't watched it by the end!


  4. I love the belts! Adorable blog, love

    xo Maddy

  5. The cupcakes look dead nice but jelly and icrecream, YUM! I've wanted a filofax for ages, very jealous!xx

  6. love that leopard print belt!!

    Helen, X


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