Happy List #14

Saturday 2nd July
  1. Bacon sandwich for lunch which was really nice
  2. Buying Sugar Babe shower scrub from Lush 
  3. Watching Penn and Teller Fool Us. There was a very cute dog on it dressed in a dragon outfit and called Mr Piffles

Sunday 3rd July
  1. Sitting outside having a Costa Coffee
  2. Buying 17 Miami Pop Bronzer
  3. Eating chocolate ice-cream
Monday 4th July
  1. Had a day out in Leamington Spa, it was a really nice day. We had a look around before sitting in the park and then hiring a rowing boat for half an hour which was really relaxing. I blogged about Leamington here

Tuesday 5th July
  1. Buying Topshop blusher in Head Over Heels, I will be reviewing this soon it looks a really nice colour
  2. 8 miles on the exercise bike, it's the furthest I've done so far
  3. Chocolate mini milk lolly

Wednesday 6th July
  1. Going to Walking With the Beasts Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery. It was really good
  2. Getting my next Graze Box it contains fiery cashews, honeycomb and chocolate flapjack, lost fruit mix and scrumptious blueberry swirl
  3. Lovely carbonara for tea
  4. Watching Walking with Dinosaurs after going to the exhibition

Thurday 7th July
  1. Mum buying me a new filofax, it's pink and mint green. I can't wait to get it when I go back home. I already have a filofax but I wanted a slightly bigger one
  2. Eating proper cornish vanilla ice-cream, it tasted really nice
  3. Honeycomb and chocolate flapjack in my Graze Box. It's quite possibly the nicest flapjack I've ever eaten
  4. Watching more Walking with Dinosaurs
Friday 8th July
  1. Today wasn't the best of days as I was in hospital for day surgery but despite that it wasn't too bad as Josh looked after me and I've just been reading magazines and playing on my DS. I also got to wear my new Tweety Pie pj's which are very comfy and cute!

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  1. I'd love to spend some time in a boat on a lake :)It's so warm here and it would be the perfect activity


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