Happy List #13

Saturday 25th June
  1. Josh trying to do card tricks, I think he fancies himself as a magician
  2. Watching Odd One In followed by Penn and Teller
  3. Doing 40 mins on the treadmill, quite proud
Sunday 26th June
  1. Spending all afternoon in the sun. It was really relaxing just to sit outisde all afternoon reading and get a little bit of a tan (and a burnt red nose). We also sat outside Costa for out regular Sunday drink then enjoyed and ice cream on the way to the park!

Monday 27th June
  1. Having lunch in the park then reading and relaxing
  2. Buying a new black and tan bag which'll be perfect for when I go to Liverpool 
  3. Baking shortbread, although Josh insisted on making a man and a woman shape 'body parts' included because he's mature like that!
  4. Me and Josh wearing face masks! (I'm sure he'll be happy that I've shared that)
  5. Eating a Kinder Surprise, I'd forgotton how nice they taste
  6. Watching Exorcism of Emily Rose and drinking vodka and red bull

Tuesday 28th June
  1. Going to Ikea for a storage box for my face stuff, it matches the other boxes I bought last week
  2. Watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA

Wednesday 29th June
  1. Doing 7 miles on the exercise bike
  2. Passing my first year of uni with a 2:2. I was only 0.2% off getting a 2.1 so I guess I'll just have to push myself I little bit more next year
  3. New Graze box containing lemon meringue pie, herb garden, roasted cashews and summer pudding

Thursday 30th June
  1. Cooking chilli burritos for tea, they were really nice
  2. Having a mint aero milkshake
  3. Watching Bottom live, I have quite a boyish sense of humour at times
Friday 1st June
  1. Buying train tickets for Scarborough, even though I'm not going abroad this year I'm really looking forwards to relaxing there for two weeks. I'm really close to my mum and stepdad and Josh really gets on with them too so I know it's going to be really fun. For the past two years we've spent a couple of days there with them but because we can't afford a holiday this year they've invited us on their hol!
  2. Going to the gym, I had a really good work out but I felt so tired and hungry after 


  1. We used to go to Scarborough a lot as kids, I loved the seaside.
    Love the graze boxes.


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