First Year in Coventry - Part 1

After this post I'll be packing all my stuff up ready to move back to Yorkshire on Friday so I just thought I'd do a post of some pictures from my first year of uni at Coventry. I've really enjoyed having my own little place with Josh and I'm quite sad that I'm leaving for a couple of months. However I will be back in September in the same place and the same room so all's good! As there's quite a few photo's I will be doing a second post on this on Friday.

Our first full day in Coventry = trip to Ikea!

Our room once we'd settled in

Just before our first night out in Cov

Result of our first night out - that's what you get for wearing silly shoes (and drinking too much)!

My mum and stepdad's first visit to us

Devil and Dracula for Halloween

This is actually the back of a Wetherspoons, but it looks really nice

Our first Christmas tree in our own place

We went to see Jimmy Carr and got our tickets signed

Valentine's day

Shopping in Birmingham with my Mum and stepdad

Josh's 22nd where I baked a chocolate cake

Part 2 of this post will be coming on Friday

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