Happy List #12

Saturday 18th June
  1. Mine and Josh's 3 and a half year anniversary. I got him a Beatles t-shirt, a scarf and made him something and he got me a dress which was feautred on a 'Tuesday Treats' a bit back. He also cooked me a meal, we had salmon which I though I didn't like but I really enjoyed it
  2. Ordered a lovely ring that looks vintage and 60's, it'll go lovely with the dress Josh bought me

Sunday 19th June
  1. Mocha coffee cooler - this is on almost every week but we go to Costa every Sunday and the mocha coolers taste so nice
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Drinking vodka and red bull
Monday 20th June
  1. Chocolate chip muffins
  2. Pineapple and coconut juice - it tastes so nice
  3. Numerous episodes of House
  4. A full fridge and cupboards. As (poor!) students we only do one big supermarket shop a month so you really appreciate it when everythings fully stocked
Tuesday 21st June
  1. My new flower power ring arrived. It a wooden buttin with a flower print, it's really unique. 
  2. Watching Phone Booth, after much reluctance I actually enjoyed the film
  3. Finishing my book, Brixton Beach so I get to submit my first Judging Covers review
Wednesday 22nd June
  1. Going to Ikea and buying two new storage boxes for all my hair and beauty products that were cluttering up the shelf
  2. Submitting my first review for Judging Covers - so happy I'm writing for something like that. 
  3. Looking at expensive properties with Josh and wowing at how nice they all were all whilst wishing I was a millionaire. Not sure how we ended up doing this but we got drawn in with the huge mansions and pools!
Thursday 23rd June
  1. Eating a mini milk lolly. It was my favourite ice-cream when I was a kid
  2. Drinking 7up, this is a bit simple but I rarely drink anything but water now. So I realy enjoyed this
  3. Getting my Graze box - I got Cheddar Gorge, fruit and seed flapjack, banana split and taste of summer fruit sundae
Friday 24th June
  1. New top from H&M. It's only a basic red/orange one to go with leggings but I do need some more tops and this one is nice
  2. Watching BB King at Glasto, he looked so jolly or as Josh described him 'like a cute old turtle'!


  1. That's a very cute top you got at H&M.I love the color :)

  2. That new dress is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour too it suits you a lot :) I too totally appreciate the joy of having full cupboards once in a while ha-ha I sit there and have to resist eating it all at once :p

    Lovely blog - Adore the cherry background it's super cute! Following you now :)


  3. loving your blog :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part- http://stylefashionvintagebaby.blogspot.com/


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