Happy List #11

Saturday 11th June
  1. Sorry but there's absolutely nothing for this day, it was so boring. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have anything to write as this is my 11th week of doing this and I've always found at least one thing to write for every day. I wasn't sure whether to continue with the Happy Lists after this but I've decided I will!
Sunday 12th June
  1. Oreo cookie milkshake
  2. Love heart shaped rice
  3. Watching Definately Maybe which was actually really good
Monday 13th June
  1. Sitting in the sun chatting
  2. Josh setting up 'Shit Lel Says' on twitter - long story!
  3. New favourite song of the week - Waterfalls by Paul McCartney
Tuesday 14th June
  1. Sunbathing and reading magazines and listening to music. However I did manage to get burnt which resulted in really bad strap marks from my dress - oopps!
  2. Noodles, prawns and red pepper in a lemon sauce - homemade

Wednesday 15th June
  1. Josh bought me the yellow dress from my wish list for our 3 and a half year anniversary on Saturday (today!). It's just gone in the sale £10 from £24.99, I'm so glad he didn't pay full price because as much as I love it the quality of it definately isn't worth £24.99! Anyway there will be pics of me wearing it in next weeks happy list
  2. Eating fairy cakes
  3. Buying things for Josh for our anniversary
Thursday 16th June
  1. Making something for Josh for our anniversary
  2. Getting my next Graze box
  3. Going to Old Orleans for a meal and cocktails 
Friday 17th June
  1. Watching Se7en - ok so it's not a happy film but it was really good!
  2. Going to the gym and actually enjoying it
  3. Cheese and onion focaccia in my Graze box, it was so nice
  4. Another favourite song for the week - Blue Sway by Paul McCartney


  1. Feeling your pain with the sunburn, i have got the worst tan lines and now the sun has just gone! Also my boyf keeps trying to make his own oreo milkshakes, it never quite works! Good work on going to the gym! xxx

  2. Thanks. The Oreo milkshake was so nice, can't be bothered trying to make my own though! xxx


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