Happy List #10

Saturday 4th June
  1. Nice walk and a sit in the sun
  2. Watching BGT final - can't believe Jai won he was the most boring one on there!
  3. Eating cookie dough ice-cream
Sunday 5th June
  1. Getting a bodyshop card and ordering a couple of things online with 30% off
  2. Having a mocha coffee cooler at Costa Coffee
  3. Going on a really long walk down the canal (I did a post about it here)
  4. Josh doing an interview for me for my Behind Bits and Bobs page 
  5. Watching Role Models
Monday 6th June
  1. Ordering my first graze box
  2. Watching last episode of Psychoville - hope there's a third series
Tuesday 7th June
  1. Going to see Hangover Part II 
  2. Looking at booking Liverpool for August
Wednesday 8th June
  1. Been offered a place writing for Judging Covers (female book reviewing site)
  2. Booking Liverpool for two nights in August - we went overight last year so I can't wait to go for a bit longer this year, so excited!
  3. Eaing cookie dough ice-cream and watching House (I'm aware cookie dough ice-cream has featured quite a lot in the last two Happy Lists!)

Thursday 9th June
  1. Feeding the ducks at the canal
  2. Getting my first graze box (I'll be doing a little write up about it over the next few days)
  3. Getting my bodyshop order (again I'll be doing reviews in the near future as I plan on ordering some more things soon)

Friday 10th June
  1. Happy meal for lunch!
  2. Honey nut cashews in my graze box - they taste so nice
  3. Getting my interview with Girlondon clothing published 


  1. Congratulations on having your interview published :)

  2. Great list, sounds like you've had a good week! And great interview :) xx

  3. Role Models is awesome isnt it? I do love Paul Rudd, especially in friends when he palys his imaginery piano


  4. Yeah I love Paul Rudd too! xx

  5. I love Liverpool, nearly went to uni there and it's just such an amazing city :)

    Also a bit of a fiend for Costa coolers!


Thanks for your lovely comments!