Happy List #8

Saturday 21st May
  1. Britains Got Talent auditions - Robbie the mini Frank Sinatra was really cute 
  2. Watching Jackass, it's so funny but really gross
Sunday 22nd May
  1. Josh's mum, dad, gran and cousin came to see us for the day so we had a nice Sunday dinner, a wonder around the transport museum and cathedral also his mum and dad bought us two new Disney mugs

Monday 23rd May
  1. Warm Rolo cookies
  2. Josh picking out all the white and green gummy bears for me to eat
  3. Going to Costa Coffee
  4. A girl in Boots asking me about my spotty nails

Tuesday 24th May
  1. Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks
  2. Finished reading a book that I really enjoyed on Monday night so I wrote a review for it on my other blog
Wednesday 25th May
  1. Going to the Herbert gallery to finally take pictures of the 'Elements' exhibtion
  2. Stocking up on Malteaser bunnies
  3. Buying three Models Own nail polishes
  4. Watching the film Orphan

Thursday 26th May
  1. Going to Ikea I love looking at all the furniture and wishing I had a house to decorate!
  2. Watching Psychoville
Friday 27th May
  1. Doing my last exam meaning the first year of uni is officially over - it's gone so fast
  2. Going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4
  3. Going out for a meal and drinks


  1. Wel done on finishing first year! And the mugs are way nice, and Robbie on BGT was too cute, I welled up like 3 times at that episode! xxxx

  2. Thanks! He was so adorable! xxxx


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