Happy List #7

Saturday 14th May
  1. I needed some photo's for the Girlondon clothing interview I've done so I got Josh to take some for me, this then turned into a full on photoshoot seen as he fancies himself as a bit of a pro! But it was fun wearing lots of different clothes!
  2. Britains Got Talent audition, the favourites were Two and a Half Men dance group (watch them here) and the Circus of Horrors (watch them here).
  3. Eurovision - Twitter was very very entertaining with all the tweets about Eurovison - which is more than can be said for the actual show
'Photoshoot' pics
Sunday 15th May
  1. Sweet text from Josh
  2. Josh making up songs about me whilst playing guitar at 11 at night
  3. Long walk finished off with a Costa Coffee
Monday 16th May
  1. Bought some new shorts and headband (see the post about them here)
  2. Got Josh to look in some shops without complaining!
New shorts and headband
Tuesday 17th May
  1. Made my own red pepper soup and it was actually very nice
  2. Josh buying me a Yum Yum
Wednesday 18th May
  1. So today was actually pretty crap, however I did have cake and cream at the end of the day to cheer myself up!
Thursday 19th May
  1. Finishing my uni work off for my professional blog, suprisingly I really liked some of the work that went on there, some of it I hate but anyway check it out here, it's regularly updated and has just had a mini makeover with a new header thanks to Josh
  2. Painting my nails bright pink - very cheery!
  3. Going out to Wetherspoons for a few drinks
    L-R what a wore for drinks, my eye makeup using Urban Decay which I blogged about here the colours used are Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Smog, my spotty nails!
Friday 20th May
  1. Going for a little look round the Herbert
  2. Buying two new nail varnishes and some proper eye makeup remover (reviews/swatches coming in the near future)
  3. Watching Ratatouille 
    Me at the Herbert, my new things Boots Botanics Eye Makeup remover and Barry M nail varnishes in Mint Greeen and Blueberry Icecream


  1. I love the nails and I especially love the drinks at spoons, can't beat it. Getting your boyfriend to come to the shops without complaining is a great achievement, I always feel so guilty dragging mine around haha!

    Good luck with your exam too! xxxx

  2. I loved two and a half men on the show too!
    They were amazing.