Happy List #6

There aren't many pictues this week because I haven't done anything that exciting, I had my first university exam this week so I've just been revising.

Saturday 7th May
  1. Watching Carry On At Your Convenience - me and Josh seem to be watching lots of old comedies
  2. Britains Got Talent audition - the favourites were James Hobley the kid who has autism he was a really good dancer (watch him here) and Michael Moral the French dancer (watch him here)
Sunday 8th May
  1. Finding a maxi dress that actually fits
  2. Watching Antz!
  3. Looking at holidays - me and Josh can't afford to go abroad this year (we're having two weeks in sunny Scarborough instead lol) but we are saving so maybe we'll be able to afford one next year. I am going to miss going abroad as for the past two years we've been to Lanzarote and we love it there. So in memory of that I thought I'd share a couple of photo's from last years holiday

Monday 9th May
  1. Buying the above mentioned maxi dress (I did a post about it here)
  2. Big bowl of strawberry jelly
  3. Discovering etsy - I've heard about it but never really bothered looking on it. I wish I hadn't looked now because there's so many nice things on there

Tuesday 10th May
  1. Happy Mix ice-lollies
  2. Fish fingers chips and beans for tea - sometimes I like to eat like a kid =]
  3. Getting Josh to design me a Beatles tattoo, I love it and I'm considering getting it done this summer. If I don't chicken out of the idea it'll be going on the inside of my wrist

Wednesday 11th May
  1. Doing a big blog post on whats in my makeup bag, I really enjoyed doing it.
  2. Mini choc chip muffins - very nice
Thursday 12th May
  1. One exam down (but still one to go =[ )
  2. Psychoville - so weird but so funny, the Tina Turner impression made me laugh so much
  3. Paul McCartney's albums - Working Classical and Thrillington. Classic music isn't my sort of thing but these albums are pretty good

McCartney albums - Thrillington and Working Classical
Friday 13th May
  1. I've been asked to do an interview with the clothing company Girl London and got sent to questions yesterday - can't wait!
  2. One of the questions was about my lovely little 'happy lists'!
  3. Discovering the album McCartney II - Josh kept this from me as he insisted it was rubbish, I however think there's nothing wrong with a bit of cheesy 80's pop from time to time lol


  1. I totally wanted to buy that happy mix the other day but I resisted, was quite surprised at myself as it has all the best ice creams in!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog!
    Jade By The Sea


  2. Thanks. I'm already following your blog and I love it!

    I don't have as much will power! I couldn't resit it xx

  3. ooo happy mix, never heard of, but will look at for next time i'm in tescos. Love the blog, good luck with getting the courage to get the tat and the interview! following xxxxx


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