Happy List #5

Saturday 30th April

1.      Had a really long walk around Coventry and found another old building
2.      Had a McDonalds for tea - not had one in so long so it was pretty good
3.      Britains Got Talent auditions - my favourites were Herbie the singer ok so he didn't have the best voice but I liked him! (watch him here), the Oxford uni guys singing they were really funny (watch them here) and the best of the night had to be Ronan the little kid who was on last I'm not one for thinking kids on talent shows are cute but he was adorable and had an amazing voice (watch him here)

Sunday 1st May

1.      Buying some lovely bright blue wedges, they look so cheery and summery
2.      Sitting in the sun in a little park
3.      Sunday dinner - don't really get one that often in Cov so it's really nice when we do

Monday 2nd May

1.      Wore my cherry print headscarf for the first time and really liked it - I'm a bit self conscious about wearing stuff on my head!
2.      Went for a couple of drinks in the pub after we'd had a walk
3.      Perfect poached eggs for breakfast - Josh makes THE best poached eggs

Tuesday 3rd May

1.      Popped into the Herbert Art Gallery, went to one of the galleries called ‘Elements’- unfortunately we didn’t plan to go to there so there are no photo’s but we will be going back so I’ll get some then
2.      In the ‘Elements’ gallery there were some kids activities one of which was a rubbing picture so I did one and it’s now stuck on our fridge – yes I am still four years old at heart!
3.      Found another place to visit – Worcester. It looks really nice and it’s only about an hour and a half away on the train so we’ll definitely be going there
4.      Doing my best Michael Jackson impressions – not sure how this came about but me and Josh were messing around and ended up taking a few pictures like some of Jacko’s iconic images
Wednesday 4th May

1.      Chicken fajitas for tea - Josh is a very fussy eater so I'm quite surprised he liked these
2.      Tea and biscuits whilst watching Idiot Abroad - I'd just like to point out I hate tea but I love pinching Josh's cuppa to dunk biscuits in!
3.      New discovery - Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now radiance energy balm - I've had this a while but only just started using it. I'll write a review on it soon
4.      Finding a nice reasonably priced Indian restaurant in Cov, will definitely be trying that out soon

Thursday 5th May

1.      Lots of Malteaser Bunnies - I love them so much so I've stocking up on them before they go out of the shops until next Easter
2.      Went to see Insidious, I really enjoyed it but Josh wasn't bothered about it (I do have a second Wordpress blog that’s more professional for my uni course, I wrote a review for Insidious on it, if anyone is interested in reading it you can find it here)
3.      Went to Wetherspoons for a meal after the film
4.      My scrapbooking stuff finally came it's so nice (I did a quick post about here)

Friday 6th May

1.      Didn't really do much but me and Josh went on a walk. It was so hot in Cov so we sat out in the sun for a bit then had a little walk (I did a post with some pictures here)

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