Happy List #4

Here's this past weeks happy list. There aren't too many photo's this week and some that I have got are from my phone so they're not the best quality. Sorry!

Saturday 23rd April
  1. Three pairs of earrings from Josh - Leo, princess crowns, and Hello Kitty ones
  2. Coming back to my accomodation in Coventry to two little easter eggs and a note from the housekeepers saying 'Happy Easter from Study Inn'
  3. Britains Got Talent auditions 
Sunday 24th April
  1. Finding bits of Coventry we've not seen before (remains of a castle)
  2. 10 easter eggs!
  3. Starting walking to get fitter, me and Josh are finding loads of new places by doing this
Monday 25th April
  1. Finding a park in Coventry that's not too far away from us.Finally somewhere to go in the lovely weather
  2. Burger King chips - the best!
  3. Finding another bit of Coventry we've not seen before, this time we found an old Medievil manor house that is now part of the registry office here. It makes a nice place for wedding photos

Tuesday 26th April
  1. Homemade fruit smoothies very tasty and healthy!
  2. Starting a blog for Safekidz campaign. In the village I live in back in Barnsley a campaign has started focusing on various aspects of safety for children. I've now started a blog for them, it can be found here
  3. Looking at scrapbook materials on Ebay for my journal

Wednesday 27th April
  1. Going back on Josh's student radio show after 3 weeks off over easter
  2. Minnie the Moocher by Hugh Laurie. Josh played this on the radio, I'd never really heard it but I love it! Listen to it here
  3. Going for a walk by the canal and watching the fish
  4. Quote of the day from Josh: 'There's plenty more fish in the sea but you're my only Nemo'. Bless him
  5. Ordering the above mentioned scrapbook materials, I can't wait until they come
  6. Casual afternoon Costa Coffee - iced vanilla latte's are the best

Thurday 28th April
  1. Lazy day eating easter eggs and watching The Incredibles
  2. Finding new places to go in the Midlands courtesy of Becca at Diary of a Diva. Thanks!
Friday 29th April
  1. Watching the Royal Wedding despite hating all the hype and being determined not to watch it. Kate looked beautiful and the two kisses on the balcony were so romantic
  2. Going for a meal and drinks to Wetherspoons
  3. Loving my outfit I wore to go out in


  1. Thank you so much for the mention :) I hope you have a great time exploring the midlands and am so glad you have found some nice places in Coventry, nothing worse than getting homesick! Also those earrings are just the cutest! I love the Hello Kitty ones! xxxx

  2. You're welcome! I know the Hello Kitty one's are my favourite xxx

  3. that is how i was with the wedding! determined to avoid the hype, but...i kind of fell in love with it.


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