Happy List #3

Saturday 16th April
  1. Going out to see a band with my dad and stepmum
  2. Realising how much I love the North (I will shortly be doing a blog post about this)
  3. Going to a local gala with my mum and Tony
Sunday 17th April
  1. Josh buying me a lovely shirt and dress
  2. The best sandwich ever - no joke. Everyone has to try a roast chicken and tomato panini from Starbucks. At £4 they're pretty expensive but it was sooo nice!
  3. Bright pink sunset
Monday 18th April
  1. Going to Bakewell with my mum, Tony and Josh
  2. Having a Bakewell pudding - yummy
  3. Spending the afternoon with Josh
Tuesday 19th April
  1. Buying Barry M lipstick in Pillarbox Red
  2. Seeing some miniature horses in town
  3. Final visits to my grandma's
Wednesday 20th April
  1. Going to Fountains Abbey
  2. Having a really nice day in a beautiful place with my mum, Tony and Josh
  3. Josh buying me a new bracelet
  4. Going for an Indian with Josh and his parents
  5. Staying at mum and Tony's
Thursday 21st April
  1. Going out for lunch with mum and some friends
  2. Sitting in the sun chatting over lunch
  3. Going out for drinks with mum and a friend
  4. Staying at mum and Tony's
Friday 22nd April
  1. Despite been at mums all day we still found something to talk about over Facebook!
  2. Spending my last day at home with mum and Tony
  3. Picking out summer clothes to take back to uni - I love summer clothes

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