Happy List #2

Following on from last weeks post heres the second installment of the happy list!

Saturday 9th April
  1. Wearing my favourite dress to Josh's grandparents anniversary meal
  2. Strawberry cupcake from the meal
  3. Going to the pub with Josh at night

Sunday 10th April
  1. Only one thing for today as the majority of my day was spent on a canal boat. It was a lovely day on a boat in the sunshine with a picnic

Monday 11th April
  1. Shopping with mum
  2. Helping mum decide on paint colours as I will be helping her decorate the kitchen in summer
  3. Body Shop shower gel bargains (4 for £6 so mum and I split them)
  4. Staying at mum and Tonys
  5. Note in my jacket pocket from Josh

Tuesday 12th April
  1. Day with mum having a laugh
  2. Having one of our many book discussion as a result of...
  3. Watching Faulkes on Fiction
  4. Going to football with my dad
Wednesday 13th April
  1. Going shopping with my little cousin
  2. Having chance to look around shops at my own pace when my cousin had left (something I can't do when I shop with Josh!)
  3. Painting my nails my favourite colour - coral

Thursday 14th April
  1. Having a good catchup with my best friend
  2. Going to pizza hut buffet
  3. Staying at mum and Tonys and drinking champagne! (Only because my mum was given a bottle!)
Friday 15th April
  1. Watching last two episodes of Faulkes on Fiction
  2. Lots of food and wine at mums
  3. Watching some programmes about Robert Plant and really enjoying them!


  1. oh cool pics. i love your dress and nails! pretty :)

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  3. Thanks =] I'm now following your blog too xx


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