Happy List #1

I've started to do a 'happy list'. Each day I write down things that have made me happy that day. They're nothing spectacular just simple little things. I thought it would be nice to reflect on each day and find happy things in every day. So every week I'm going to share the previous weeks happy list. Here's the first one starting last saturday and finishing yesterday. (There are a few pics to go with some of the stuff)

Saturday 2nd April
  1. Coming home from uni and staying at my mums
  2. Having a laugh all night with my mum and stepdad
  3. Eating lots of lovely food and drinking wine
Sunday 3rd April
  1. Early morning fresh coffee
  2. Mums food
  3. Making plans to stay with mum again
  4. Having a bath (I only have a shower at uni)
  5. Funny but cute text from Josh
Monday 4th April
  1. My big,comfy bed all to myself (sharing with Josh is nice but I like lots of room and my bed at home is sooo comfy)
  2. Old photos (came across some pics of me and my grandad when I was young, he died when I was 7 so I like to look at all the pic of me and him)
  3. Playing with Josh's kitten, Ziggy
  4. Tortilla chips from Marks and Spencer (the best ones EVER!)
  5. Going to Josh's for the day like old times

Tuesday 5th April
  1. Lazy day at Josh's
  2. Good day smelling stuff like my coconut handcream, coconut lipbalm and lavender face cream
  3. Healthiness, planning out some healthy meals for back at uni and I'm going to make the most of the free gym....hhmm not sure how long it'll last!

Wednesday 6th April
  1. Having lunch with mum and her friends
  2. Making one of my favourite meals, carbonara
  3. Time to myself to just watch TV and read

Thursday 7th April
  1. Seeing one of my grandma's for first time in 3 months
  2. Fun in the sun with Josh and the kitten
  3. A good hair cut
  4. Pretty sunsets

Friday 8th April
  1. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine
  2. Seeing my other gran
  3. Sunbathing and first BBQ of the year!
  4. The kitten falling asleep in my hand, cutest thing ever
  5. Staying over at Josh's


  1. Aww lovely lists :) its always nice to remind yourself of happy things! I have that bodyshop coconut lip butter too, and I agree - it smells so nice! xx

  2. Your post really made me smile and appreciate the little things that make me happy every day. I'm glad I came across your blog:)

  3. Thankyou for the lovely comments =] x


Thanks for your lovely comments!