Welcome to Calico Skies a blog for life, loves and memories. 

I'm Lauren, a 24 year old from Yorkshire who loves books, The Beatles, cats and happy songs. Occasionally you'll see appearances from Josh and our two furry friends Lexi and Boo.

Together we like walks, The Beatles (though Josh is a little bit more of a Wings fan, we shall never agree which band is better!), taking lots of photo's, quiet nights in with a film, watching as many episodes of a TV series as we can in one go and having strange conversations late at night. I like reading, listening to happy songs and talking to cats. Josh likes Lego, Star Wars and music blogging (you can find his blog here). 

On Calico Skies I share moments from my life and adventures with Josh, I also use this blog as a way to remember all the happy stuff. I'm partial to blogging about books, baking, The Beatles, lists of every variety and cats. I occasionally like to do the odd beauty post now and then but only when I'm feeling adventurous! 

You can find all the topics I blog about to the right. You can also view all of my past posts using the archives link.

Happy reading!

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