Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Clothing

When I think of Christmas clothing, I think of three things. Jumpers, pjs and dresses. So today I'm bringing you a round up of my favourite Christmas clothing in those three categories!


I do love a good novelty jumper, the more garish the better in my opinion! I have to say that I have fallen a little bit in love with the Primark dog one though, it's super cute whilst being understated for those who aren't as into all out ugly Christmas sweaters as me. I also think the grey reindeer jumper is very cute too, and at the bargain price of £7, it's an absolute steal.


So pyjamas are my favourite item of clothing all year round but Christmas pjs are the best, especially big snuggly fleecy ones making my top pick here the grey reindeer ones though the Mickey and Minnie ones are a close second just for how cute they are. Ever since I was a kid, I've had a new pair of pj's every Christmas Eve and that's a tradition I still like to continue.

Velvet dress // Mesh midi dress // Velvet glitter dress // Purple sparkle dress // Silver dress

 I like to wear a nice dress on Christmas Day. After lounging around and opening presents in my pjs I do like to wear something a little bit more dressy and sparkly for the rest of the day even though there's only Josh and I for dinner. Again I think this comes from growing up where I always had a nice new outfit for Christmas day. I've had the same dress for Christmas Day for the past couple of years now so this year I think it's time to treat myself to something new. I love the black velvet glitter dress here and the colour of the purple sparkle dress.


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