Monday, 5 June 2017

26th Birthday Wishlist

At the end of next month I'll be turning 26 I thought I'd compile a wishlist to share with you, also Josh has been wanting ideas so hopefully it'll help him out too! To be honest you wouldn't think this was the birthday list of a 26 year old as it's full of Disney items (of course!) but hey, it's what I like so there's no harm in that! I'm also aware it's a large list so I'm in no way expecting all of this stuff for my birthday, it's just all the stuff I've got my eye on at the moment.

Disney Pins (available from Ebay) - I recently got in to Disney pin collecting and I've never had any of the mystery pin packs so I'd really like to get a couple of bags of those. I've find a UK seller on Ebay that's selling pretty much every pin pack you can get. The ones I'm after collecting are (from l-r) Tsum Tsum series 1, 2 and 3, Nesting Dolls, Couples (though both of the last two packs seem to be out of stock at the moment so I can't provide a link, I'm hoping they come back though), Best Friends and Ear Hats.

Harry Potter Jumper (Heather Grey Size Medium) (available from Ebay) - This jumper has featured on wishlists before but I've just never got around to buying it. I love it though! 

Animators Mug (available from the Disney Store) - I love the Animators collection from the Disney Store and I've wanted the mug since it came out but you just can't seem to pick it up in stores anymore so I'd really like to get it before it completely disappears.

Eve and Wall-E plushes (available from the Disney Store) - I don't really collect Disney plushes but Wall-E is one of my favourite films so I just can't resist these two cute plushes.

Rapunzel Tradition (available from Amazon) - I only have one Disney Tradition and there's a few I've had my eye on for a couple of years now, they're just such beautiful pieces. Rapunzel is my favourite Disney princess and Pascal is super cute so I'd really like to add this to my collection!

Alien Perfume (available from All Beauty) - I'm running low on perfume and birthday's also seem like a god time to get a new bottle. I'd really like to try a bottle of Mugler's Alien as I've smelt it on other people and it's beautiful.

Lush Bath Bombs (available from Lush) - I'm pretty much out of bath bombs and Lush have released lots of new ones so I'd really like to stock up on a few on the new items. Most of the ones featured on my list are only available online though. The ones on my list are Intergalatic, Calavera, Golden Slumbers, Metamorphosis, Yellow Submarine and Over and Over.

Copper Vintage Globe (available from Amazon) - I'm not sure why but I've always wanted a little globe. A few months ago I found the most beautiful vintage style copper globe in a little shop and haven't been able to find one like it since. Then I came across this one on Amazon and although it's quite different to the one I first saw, I really like it. The copper effect would fit in perfectly with the copper accents in my little office. 

Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray (available from Amazon) - I absolutely loved this film when we saw it at the cinema, so much so I wanted to watch it all over again as soon as it had ended. It was done so well and kept to the original really well too. 

The Disney Book (available from Amazon) - I spotted this book a few years ago and I think it'd be the perfect edition to our bookcase where we display all our good books. 

Bing Bong Funko Pop (available from Amazon) - I'll be honest this wishlist could have been made up entirely of Funko Pops. We already have a huge collection but there's so many more I want. I only included Bing Bong because I got the Anger Pop for quite cheap not so long back so now I need some other Inside Out Pops. The Funko Pops currently at the top of my wishlist though are Eve, Wall-e, Luna Lovegood, Moana and Pua, live action Lumiere, live action Cogsworth, live action Beast and live action Celebration Belle.


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