Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A magical wishlist

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Well this is a very girly, Disney inspired wishlist isn't it?! I was trying my hardest to only spend on the essentials this month but I'll be honest, its not gone great... My problems isn't big purchases but all those little things that add up over the month. Oopps. Anyway I am hoping that I can save some extra money over the next few months and maybe treat myself at the end? I'll be honest I'd go out an buy all this stuff right now if I could!

Of course this wishlist had to contain a significant amount of Disney items. The notebook and socks are new in on the Disney Store site and they're so adorable! Aristocats is on of my favourite films and the socks are just so bloody cute! The Marie mug is from Ebay and I really couldn't decide whether to add this one or the Dumbo one to my wishlist as they're both lovely.

The Harry Potter jumper has been on my watched items on Ebay for the longest time now, I really think I'm going to have to give in and buy it. It comes in lots of different colours but I really like this dark grey one.

I love these trainers, the dusky pink and white work so well together but then the metallic addition makes them really stand out. Again I think this is a purchase I'm definitely going to have to make.

Can we all just take a minute or two to look at these makeup brushes? It's like my unicorn dreams have become a reality! There's quite a few different colour combinations but these definitely caught my eye the most.

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