Thursday, 8 December 2016

Lush Christmas Haul

Snow Fairy body conditioner / Father Christmas bath bomb / Northern Lights bath bomb / Butter Bear bath bomb / Peeping Santa bubble bar
I love Lush at any time of the year, but Lush at Christmas? Well that's a love a I just can't put into words! My all time favourite product is the Snow Fairy shower gel (I already have a huge bottle of it, which is why it isn't in this haul) and whenever I smell it, I just think of Christmas. When I saw that Lush had released a Snow Fairy body conditioner, I knew I had to buy it. I've had a body conditioner before and I love how soft they leave your skin, plus they're super handy in winter when you don't want to stand moisturising in the cold when you're out of your bath or shower. You apply this to damp skin then rinse off and your left with super silky skin that smells amazing. 
Also feeding my love of the Snow Fairy scent is the Father Christmas bath bomb so of course I had to pick that up too, I'm led to believe this has a green centre as it starts fizzing.
 In-keeping with the Santa theme I couldn't resist the Peeping Santa bubble bar. As much as I love the flashy, bright bath bombs I do like some bubbles too, especially moisturising ones. The smells really warm and relaxing. 
Stepping away from the flashy colours and the bubbles I picked up the Butter Bear bath bomb. I think this is a really underrated bath bomb probably because it doesn't do anything fancy but it's also one of my favourites because it's super, super moisturising and smells so comforting.
And finally, the complete opposite of what Butter Bear is, I picked up the ultra bright Northern Lights bath bomb. I can't wait to use this and see my bath filled with all those beautiful bright colours!

What are your favourite products from the Lush Christmas collection?

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