Friday, 22 July 2016

WISHLIST: Korean Beauty

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A little while ago I was on the look out for a new moisturiser when I came across a blog post over on The Sunday Girl blog about a brilliant yet cheap Korean moisturiser (Mizon's Ultra Suboon Cream). I immediately headed over to Ebay where I found a tube of the good stuff for £4.26, I plan on doing a full review on this moisturiser but let me tell you it really opened my eyes to the world of Korean beauty products.

I've done a little bit of research on K-beauty and what comes to light with everything I read is that the Asian beauty market is light years infront of the Western market. Their products may look a little quirky compared to the more sophisticated packaging we're used to seeing but let me tell you, from the little experience I have with Korean products, they don't half pack a punch. Better than anything I've ever tried from Western brands. That's a bold claim right there!

I personally find Western beauty products to be extremely overpriced and often a little underwhelming. The last evening cleanser I bought cost £13 for 100ml and there is absolutely nothing special about it. I'm also well aware from the several beauty blogs I read that £13 for a cleanser is considered somewhat of a budget option, I don't know about you but I would never dream of paying anything over £20 for a face cleanser yet there's products out there pushing the £40 and £50 mark. This is where K-beauty wins over Western products yet again, the prices are extremely affordable for amazing products that really work. The most expensive cleanser on my above wishlist is £11.34 for 160g, the cheapest is £4.18 for 120ml!

I'm really looking forwards to exploring the world of K-beauty some more, the products above are currently sitting right at the top of my 'need to try' list so I will definitely be making an order soon.

I buy all my Korean beauty products from Ebay. I use the seller f2plus1 who offer free shipping on all products and they even throw in some free samples. Delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks as they ship directly from Incheon in South Korea.


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