Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WISHLIST: Lush Bath Bombs

I've always loved Lush bath bombs but this year it seems I've liked to keep a little stash of bath bombs at the ready. Well that stash is running low now and I'm eager to try out some more. These six bath bombs look and sound amazing and they're all ones I've never tried before. What I love about Lush bath bombs is not only do they fill your bathroom with wonderful scents but they're actually amazing to watch. Long gone are the days of a single coloured bath bomb fizzing around your water, Lush have created wonderful and unique spectacles with each bomb. From changing colours to popping candy, glitter, floating hearts and more. I just love watching these little treats dissolve!

With only two or three bombs left in my collection I think a little shopping trip to Lush could be coming on soon. However I can never restrain myself to picking up just a couple of items when I'm in there and things always get a little messy!

What are your favourite Lush bath bombs? Let me know in the comments. 

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