Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Current Favourites: Six Amazing Youtubers

 Stef Sanjati: Stef's channel is a very recent discovery but I cannot get enough of her videos, I've worked my way through most of them now. Her makeup and hair are just the definition of perfection! What I love most about Stef though are her honest, open and informative videos on been a trans girl. I seriously recommend you check her out, she's amazing! 
xameliax: I love how down to earth and friendly Amelia comes across in her videos, they're feel good, honest vlogs. Perfect for sitting down with a cuppa and relaxing to. In amongst the weekly vlogs there's also get ready with me's, tutorials and lifestyle videos. 
Jazzybum: My personal favourite videos of Jasmin's are her hauls, I love me a good haul! She also does great lifestlye/advice/real life story videos though which are a great watch too.
Other Lily Melrose: Lily has two channels and as much as I enjoy both of them, I just love her vlogs so I of course had to feature her vlog channel here. The vlogs tend to be a bit hit and miss in terms of an upload pattern but this really doesn't bother me, I personally think they're well worth the wait.
The Michalaks: The Michalak vlogs make me feel so warm inside when I watch them! They're beautifully shot and edited and they're little family come across wonderfully. The vlogs are such a pleasure to watch.
SophieBelle: Another recent discovery is Sophie's channel and she's super sweet! Just like me she loves Diseny, I'm not in the slightest bit jealous that she used to work there... Anyway Sophie makes great weekly vlogs as well as hauls and a great mixture of other videos.

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