Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Feel Unique Haul

I've wanted to try this bunch of products for the longest time but they're certainly not the cheapest things out there (for me anyway!) so I knew when I received some birthday money that the first thing I would be doing is placing a Feel Unique order. Here's what I bought...

Nourish Balancing Detoxifying Cleanser £13
This cream cleanser is recommended for combination skin and is 94% organic. It uses light emollients and apple extract. I'm hoping this will really calm my skin down and restore some balance.

Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser £16.50
This is a cleanser, mask and facial all in one product. Massage and rinse to use it as a cleanser, smooth over dry skin and leave it for 2 minutes to use as a daily exfoliating mask or as a weekly treatment, apply and leave it for 5 minutes. I'm going to be using this more as a mask in the hopes it helps to heal and fade some of my spot scares.

Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Lotion £9.95
This purifying lotion helps skin to regulate itself using sage, thyme, lavender, calendula, chamomile, witch hazel and sulphur to calm, sooth, re-balance and stimulate skin. I'm having a lot of trouble with my skin recently so this is the one product I'm really excited to start using.

Packed with honey, shea butter and plant oils this lip balm is intended to restore suppleness and comfort to lips as well as repair them. No matter what lip balm I try, my lips seem to constantly crack, flake and bleed so I have high hopes for this little pot!

Depending on how I get on with these products I may do separate reviews on them in the future so keep an eye out for those.


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