Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Current Favourites: Five Amazing Bloggers

These are probably the blogs I've read for the longest time and they're the ones I always go straight to on Bloglovin' to catch up on their latest posts. Here are five lovely blogs written by five amazing ladies.
by Lauren

Lauren has been writing As Loud As Love since 2012 but I was actually following her before then as she had a couple of blogs before this one. I've always loved her blog, it's so down to earth and relatable and I always feel happy after I've been reading one of her posts. It's filled with trips out, thoughts and reflections and happy lists and now Lauren has started introducing some beauty posts too. As Loud As Love is one of the few genuinely all-round lovely blogs I've come across.

 Little Winter
by Katie

Little Winter is another really honest blog, nothing is sugar coated or filtered. It's filled with weekend adventures, cute pictures of Katie's cat and what she's been up to lately but in amongst all the happiness there are honest posts about life and how she's feeling all eloquently written while still been able to reach out and speak to the reader. I love the honest and open approach of Little Winter, it's really refreshing in a world where people can forget things aren't as rosy as what many portray online. 

Milk Bubble Tea
by Becky

Milk Bubble Tea is a blog I've also followed since I can remember, when I first started reading it Becky was more of a fashion blogger, posting personal style pictures but over the years it's developed into an amazing lifestyle blog filled with iPhone photo diaries, little hauls and amazing recipes. Becky's photo's are simply beautiful and you can also be sure that her cute miniature Dachshund, Oscar will make and appearance.

 Cider with Rosie
by Rosie
 Cider with Rosie provides detailed and in-depth posts that hold your attention to the very last word. Accompanied with stunning photo's, Rosie has to the art of writing comprehensive but interesting posts down to a T. Cider with Rosie is filled with days out, recipes, happy lists and even simple dog walks with Teddy the dog. I have to say I have a little hair envy going on every time I see a photo of Rosie too (hello lovely, long, wavy hair!).

by Jennie 

Sailboat has to be the most beautifully written blogs I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Jenny is such an amazing writer, in just a few sentences she can capture your imagination, or transport you somewhere else or paint a vivid picture in your mind. That girl needs to write a book or something because she truly is a wonderful writer. Sailboat started as a beauty blog and while there still are occasional beauty posts there's also book hauls and reviews, general musing and thought provoking pieces of writing.


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