Monday, 27 July 2015

The Beatles Music Collection

Long time readers will know I'm a huge fan of The Beatles so I thought it was about time I shared my Beatles music collection.

 First up I have three remastered albums in the form of Live at the BBc, Live at the BBC Volume Two and 1. 

Next up I have three Beatles records, Help, A Hard Days Night and With The Beatles.

And finally, and probably the crowning glory has to be my The Beatles Box Set - Remastered in Stereo.

This box set had pretty much only just come out when I bought it and to be honest I'd not long since discovered The Beatles but I knew I just had to have this set. Yes it was pretty expensive but I'm so glad I bought it I just love the presentation (I'm a sucker for good packaging) and the booklets included with each album but as a real Beatles fan I'm really happy that it is something I have in my collection. When this box set was first released back in 2009 some of the first ones to go on sale had a slight fault. Each disc has a mini documentary on the end and on the disc of Magical Mystery Tour it says 'Let It Be mini-documentary' this is only a printing error as the correct documentary is on the disc. As I bought one of the first ones to go on sale mine features this printing error which was then corrected for later editions. Even though this error isn't super rare it does make it a bit more special.

In the future I definitely plan on tracking down more records to add to my collection as frankly three just isn't good enough. I'd love to buy the US albums box set and the vinyl box set but the vinyl one in particular is pretty expensive so I don't know if I ever will buy them. I'd love to add both box sets to my collection though.


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