Monday, 6 April 2015

Current favourites: Lush

I've always loved Lush but mainly for their bubble bars and bath bombs (and Snow Fairy shower gel of course) I've sampled a few other products here and there over the years but nothing has ever really become a firm favourite and part of my routine. Over the past year I've tried out a lot more different Lush products and some of these have definitely become firm favourites. Today I thought I'd share 6 products from Lush that I've fallen in love with.

Flying Fox - packed full of honey but with a unique almost floral smell, I love this shower gel. I have really sensitive skin that dries out easy and is prone in eczema so this is just perfect for me. It feels really soothing, it doesn't strip the skin and leave it feeling uncomfortable and it smells amazing. Although this size bottle is far from cheap it lasts ages as a little goes a long way and I personally think it's worth it for using something packed full of natural and nourishing ingredients that I know won't irritate my skin.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - Again this is another quite pricey product but I was hooked on this from the first time I used a little pot of it that I got in a gift set. I can't properly remember when I bought this tub but I think it was around September time and I still have just a bit more than a quarter left, I don't use it all the time but it does get used a lot so it really does last. It full of super moisturising ingredients so again it's perfect for my sensitive skin and it doesn't further irritate any eczema patches I have. It's great for after shaving too. You apply it to damp skin then rinse it off and your skin is left feeling super soft and smelling beautiful.

Hair Doctor - My scalp tends to go through periods of getting quite itchy which isn't helped by the fact I now lighten my hair so the peroxide makes it even worse. I bought this mask specifically to stop the itching after I've lightened my hair and it works a treat. I find it a little stiff and definitely needs warming up in your hands to get it to spread. I don't think it smells great either but I'm really not bothered about that because this is a pre-shampoo treatment applied to dry hair so this smell washes away anyway. It says to use within three weeks but I'll be honest and say I've had my pot quite a while and it's completely fine and still works well on my scalp. 

Big - I could write an essay on my love for this shampoo but I'll try and keep it short. Big is a sea salt shampoo with coconut oil and seaweed to soften and lemon and lime to add shine. It's designed to give you volumised hair. So does it work, well I'm not left with huge hair no, however I am left with soft, shiny hair that isn't weighed down (and therefore not plastered to my head), brushes really easily and continues to do so until I next wash my hair and leaves me with really clean hair that stays a lot fresher between washes so I can go just a little longer without washing it which has improved the condition of my hair. In short I bloody love it. I wouldn't be without this shampoo now.

Tea Tree Water - this is the perfect toner for my combination skin. I'm prone to spots around my chin and jaw and I feel this really calms my skin down. Before this I was using Caudalie's Beauty Elixer and I can safely say I much prefer this toner. It's refreshing to use in a morning and soothing to use at night. I'll definitely keep repurchasing this.

Grease Lightning - this gently but effectively soothes spots and helps them heal and clear up. There's not too much to say about a spot treatment but this one really does work, it's no miracle worker but it does help to reduce redness and the size of the spot. My only annoyance with this is the pump, it squirts far too much out so I tend to unscrew the lid and take some from the tube of the pump now.

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