Thursday, 12 March 2015

Holiday Wishlist

I'm starting to look for bits and pieces to buy for our holiday to Florida, we don't go until August but all the summer stuff is making its way into stores now so I don't want to leave it too late and end up not been able to get anything. Here are a few pieces I currently have my eye on.

Joggers - I want something really comfortable to travel in as it's a 9 hour flight to Florida, these are definitely a consideration.
 Sandals - I'm not sure if I'm taking any sandals as I'm not going to take any going out stuff, I do like these though and they're only £10 so I may be them anyway.
 Vest - It's going to be very hot and humid when we go to Florida so I want loose fitting clothes. I love these vest but I do think £13 is very expensive for what they are so I'm going to be keeping an eye out for a cheaper version somewhere.
 Trainers - We're going to be spending all day every day walking so I need something really comfortable for my feet, since I broke my little toe a few years ago I find a lot of shoes get very uncomfortable and rub my toe after a while now which is definitely not what I need on holiday.
 Pink shorts and  Peach shorts - Again I'm after light, loose clothing and a pair of shorts that don't show everything. These two pairs seem the perfect length and type of material I'm after.
 Bikini - We're going to be visiting three different water parks in Florida so I'll need a bikini or two to take with me. I love the style of the top on this one but I'm not a huge fan of tie side bottoms so again I'll have to see if anything similar with bottoms I like comes along.

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