Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Twenty Three

Yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday and as you can see from the photo above I did what any normal person does on there birthday and went to see some horses! I didn't have anything special planned but it was still a lovely day. The celebrations started on Sunday as Josh and I went out for a meal. I was up bright and early Monday morning and enjoyed a relaxing cuppa in bed whilst opening cards and then presents. As it was such a nice day we did spent some time sitting in the garden before going on a walk to see the above horses before finally calling in at the pub.

 After a sit down and a chat at the pub we headed home to sit back out in the garden whilst I had a look through one of my presents, the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. It may have been a quiet affair but I really enjoyed my birthday and I love all the presents I received.

Presents: Penny Lane cushion / Harry Potter Film Wizardry / Harry Potter Blu Ray box set / Game of Thrones 1-3 box set / Yellow Submarine Post-It Notes / Chocolate / Eye Sleep Mask (I need one to sleep and my old one was all tatty) / Horrible Histories Top Trumps (yeah I still like Horrible Histories!) / Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh / Trip to Liverpool (in white envelope) / Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Aristocats, Tangled Blu Rays / Letters From The Boys, Exercise in Style, One Hundred Names books / The Cavern t-shirt / Money
So yeah Josh booked for us to go to Liverpool on Wednesday for 2 nights for my birthday! I'm so excited I know we've been loads but I really love it there so I can't wait!
 I also got a print that isn't in the above photo as it wouldn't lay flat but it's a Beatles Mr Kite Victorian circus one. 


Sunday, 27 July 2014

On Turning 23

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday and am not too sure how I feel about this partly because I'm not a fan of odd numbers and partly because I'm slipping away from 'early twenties' and rocketing towards 'mid twenties' and that's a scary thought. But then again I'm excited, it's a brand new year to look forwards to and one that I hope is a lot better than 22 was, see those even numbers aren't all they're cracked up to be! 22 could've been better, of course it could have been much worse, but all round it could have been better than it was so I'm afraid to say that I'm not all that bothered about seeing the back of it. I'm excited to see what 23 brings, what new adventures and opportunities there will be along the way. So come on 23 prove me wrong and make me like odd numbers!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

An Evening with the Cats

A few evenings ago Josh and I made the most of the nice weather and spent most of the evening sat outside, of course we were very quickly joined by our furry friend, Lexi and Ziggy. Armed with our camera we got a little snap happy taking photo's of them, especially when Lexi climbed onto the canopy above us to look down on us! Given they're two of my most favourite things in the world I thought I'd share some photo's from our evening with the cats. It's probably bordering on crazy cat lady territory but oh well!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quiet Contemplation

The other night I was sat in my room, I'd just finished taking photo's of the gorgeous pink sunset above and it was too warm for me to even think about doing anything else. I flopped back on my bed and looked at the photo's I'd just taken and had a moment of quiet reflection and this is what sprang into my mind...life isn't as bad as what I sometimes think it is. As a natural pessimist, over thinker and worrier I often find myself getting down because at this moment in time my life isn't like I thought it would be but that's not to say I don't have a happy life and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that fact. There's plenty of things that put a smile on my face and at the end of the day life has its ups and downs but it really isn't that bad. So next time I find myself worrying or finding negatives I'm going to look back at this post and remind myself it really isn't all that bad.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Book Review: Under the Paw

For years Tom Cox might have seemed like a regular sort of bloke - a lover of late nights, rock music and beer - but he had a dark, furry secret. Tom was a cat lover. For a while, he kept his passion in check, but then he met Dee, his moggy-loving soulmate. He left London and his job as a rock critic behind ans he and Dee, her cat Janet and three new kittens moved to a remote part of Norfolk, thinking their cat madness had reached its limit. They were wrong.

In Under the Paw, Tom records the chaos of owning seven of the most charismatic, idiotic and duplicitous cats in the country. On call around the clock for multiple sets of whiskers, Tom encounters death, depression, flying fur, and the first human sentence spoken by a feline. And then there is the heartbreaking story of The Bear, his oldest cat: a 'painfully sensitive' survivor moggy who may or may not be an evil genius. 

This is the second cat book by Tom Cox that I've read (the first been The Good, The Bad and The Furry which I reviewed here). Under the Paw is the first cat book written by Cox though reading them out of order doesn't matter too much. This book introduces Cox's cat obsession and some of the cats that aren't featured in the other book but of course the starring character for me once again had to be The Bear aka the famous sad cat from Twitter. In this book you get to learn more about The Bear and follow him from a young age, I often like to have a laugh at The Bear's photo's on Twitter so he was the main reason for reading this book. 

I found myself reading Under the Paw quite slowly, not because I didn't enjoy but because it obviously isn't a gripping, page turning novel. It's essentially a book about cats and one man's love of them. However it was entertaining and it did provide me with a few laughs along the way so it was pretty good for someone like me he easily has the potential to become a crazy cat lady!

Rating: ★★★★


Monday, 7 July 2014

Job searching as a Graduate

 So the time of year where students are leaving the comfort of university life has rolled around once again. I remember it well. I also remember the harsh realities that hit when I began searching for a job. I don't want to scare people but I think it's helpful to know and to realise just how tough it is to get a job upon leaving university. I finished my course in June 2013 and moved home that July, from finishing my course to getting a job I was unemployed for 6 months and now unfortunately I'm facing been in that position once again. The hard truth is that there's so much instability when it comes to jobs now and sometimes there's hundreds of people fighting for that one spot. 

So what can you do when you are searching for a job as a graduate? Well given my experience I came up with a few helpful hints and tips that will hopefully help someone...
  1. Don't get disheartened. I know this is difficult to keep in mind especially after a long period of unemployment but you have to keep in mind that something will come along eventually. 
  2. Look everywhere for a job. Job sections in local newspapers, jobs sites such as Indeed, Twitter. Anywhere you can think of get looking!
  3. Apply for anything. OK so it might not be your dream job, it might not be related to your degree, you may not even need a degree for it but just apply. Been in work is much better than been out of work and you can always keep looking while you're working and earning money. My current job isn't something I thought I'd do after uni, it isn't related to my degree and you don't even need a degree for it but you know what none of that actually matters to me at the moment. I may actually do a separate post on this.
  4. Use your spare time wisely. Don't just sit around use this free time to brush up on some skills that might help you in finding a job. This could be anything from writing, coding, learning a language, drawing. Anything that may benefit you in the long run is a good way to spend your time.
  5. Perfect your CV and your application form writing skills. Looking back application forms I used to fill in were rubbish. Stick to what the employer is asking for but don't be scared to fill the space and get every little thing in there. Don't forget who ever is reading it doesn't know you and that piece of paper is the first impression they'll get of you.
I hope these tips helped and good luck to anyone looking for a job!


Friday, 4 July 2014

Let It Be at Sheffield Lyceum

Last Friday Josh and I went to see the Let It Be West End show which has been touring around the country. As big Beatles fans we knew we'd enjoy it but I honestly cannot rave about it enough it was brilliant. I even want to see it again! I wish I'd took my camera to get better photo's but we just had to do with Josh's iPhone. We didn't really know what to expect from the show but it's basically a tribute act, which makes it sound tacky to be honest but it's really not, it's over 2 hours packed full of Beatles songs taking you from the days in the Cavern, to Shea Stadium and Abbey Road all of which a excellently performed. If you're a fan of the Beatles I'd definitely recommend trying to catch this show, everything from the outfits, the songs and the staging was perfect.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Happy List #104 The June 2014 Edition

Feeding animals at the butterfly house / Looking down on everyone / At Let It Be

In some ways June seems to have gone quick like the rest of the year then I think back to what I did at the start of the month and it seems like ages ago. I have to say one of my favourite things about June was definitely the weather, I've loved coming home from work and spending my evenings sat outside relaxing. The worst thing about June was definitely the horrid cold I got at the end of the month which is just clearing up now. My number one highlight though has to be going to see Let It Be, I'll be doing a full post on it later in the week.

Things to look forwards to in July: my birthday, more sunshine (fingers crossed) and hopefully new beginnings.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June in Pins

Here's what I've been pinning in June...
  1. A super simple, classy outfit
  2. Something to keep in mind
  3. A milkshake recipe
  4. Everything about this room is perfect
  5. My ideal outdoor space
  6. A stunning wedding dress
  7. Wanderlust - Copenhagen
  8. Pastel pink house
You can keep up to date with what I'm pinning by following my Pinterest boards here.