Wednesday, 12 November 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014: My Christmas List

Yes the Christmas posts have begun! Fear not I won't be bombarding you with gift guides and such (though I do have one gift set post planned) put from now until Christmas I'll be sprinkling a few Christmas posts on the blog to get everyone in the festive spirit. What better place to start than sharing with you what I would like for Christmas this year.

As I've got older it's so difficult to think of things I want or actually need now and I do in all honesty just prefer to receive money. My Dad however still likes to buy presents so I've thrown a few ideas his way and today I'm sharing with you what's on my Christmas list. Please share your own lists in the comments below!

So I've opted for quite a few beauty pieces, I've been wanting to try Soap and Glory makeup for the longest time so I opted for these three products as I do actually need new ones of all of these. I love Lush so again I thought I'd put down some products that I've been dying to use for the longest time. Josh and I love a good Disney Pixar film and these two are missing from our collection. As for the organiser I've used Filofax diaries for around 5 or 6 years now so I wanted to try out a Paperchase one, in all honesty I was after something a little prettier and this one that's full of woodland animals fits the bill perfectly. Finally I wanted a large Yankee Candle, my favourite scents are spicy cinnamon based ones but I'll always associate them with Christmas so for the horrible winter months after Christmas I thought I'd opt for something clean and comforting which is where soft blanket come in.

Don't forgot to let me know what's on your Christmas list this year.


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