Monday, 27 October 2014

BEAUTY: A Skincare Overhaul

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I've being having a lot of trouble with my skin for some time now and it's started to really get me down. My skin was never bad as a teenager but for some reason as an adult it's awful! I'm prone to getting those horrible under skin spots, you know that ones that are really red and quite painful, on my chin and jaw line and I've decided it's about time I have a skincare overhaul. I've been lapping up Kate's posts recently as she's blogging a lot about blemish prone skin and natural products and I just cannot get enough of her advice and recommendations. I want products that are going to get the job done without being harsh or full of chemicals and the above selection seem perfect. Weleda is a brand I've had my eye on for some time and both products sound perfect for me, the almond cleanser would make the perfect evening cleanser. The Nourish cleanser also seems like another winner and would be perfect to use in a morning. I'm intrigued my the Kojac sponge and really want to give this one with bamboo charcoal in it a go. As for the Biotin I've read a fair amount of reviews claiming that it's perfect for sorting problem skin out (it's apparently good for hair and metabolism too). I can sense a Feel Unique order happening very soon.

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