Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My new favourite £3.50 candle

I love candles but I hate the price of Yankee candles (though I prefer their wax tarts anyway!) so I usually just go for cheapy candles that don't really smell when they're burning. Anyway I happened to be having a little look around the home section in Primark a few weeks back and I spotted a vanilla and coconut scented candle. I was just about ready to dismiss it as I can't stand vanilla scented things when I decided it wouldn't hurt to have a sniff and I was pleasantly surprised by its clean, summery scent. So I snapped of one of the big three-wick tin candles which cost £3.50 and skipped off home with everything crossed that I'd at least be able to detect a hint of something when it was burning. And guess what... I can! Yes that's right a £3.50 Primark candle actually smells when it's burning. It's not really strong but that's OK because it fills my room with a light, fresh scent that makes me feel so summery, I can even smell it when it's not burning too! So as you can see from the picture I've stocked up on this little gem (the glass ones are only £2 even better!), I wish it was going to be available all the time!

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